If you just can't get enough of Snapchat's face swap feature, there's some good news: the app's latest update will let you face swap with any photo in your camera roll. Even while you're alone, you can now create fun — albeit slightly horrifying — face swaps to send out to your friends using any picture on your phone.

Snpachat now lets you face swap all by your lonesome

To use the feature, simply long press on your face to bring up Snapchat's list of lenses. From there, swipe to the face swap button and a list of photos from your camera roll will pop up. Just select the photo with the face you want to swap and you're good to go!

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Outside of solo face swapping, Snapchat has also dropped paid replays. Now, you'll be able to replay any snap once, but you will no longer be able to purchase extra replays for the day. Snapchat originally launched paid replays in late 2015, allowing users to purchase extras for $0.99 a pop.

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