Solo Leroy Rolling Duffel review: Smooth roller

Who says you need a big, heavy suitcase? This lightweight duffel bag meets most airplane carry-on requirements and has wheels to ease your travels. The wheels roll smoothly and spin around, making it easy to change direction or position on a dime. Lots of compartments mean you can stay organized when you're on the go. While there are not compartments specifically for your tech, there is certainly plenty of room for all of your basic necessities.

The Good

  • Easy-glide spin-around wheels
  • Meets most airplane carry-on requirements
  • Lighter than most suitcases
  • Convenient compartments

The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Doesn't stand upright

Convenient for travel

Solo Leroy Rolling Duffel: Features

Solo Leroy Rolling Duffle

Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you don't want to schlep around more than you have to. One way to cut down on bulk is to carry just a small carry-on bag. Cut down further by making it a duffel bag rather than a suitcase. Gotta have wheels? Make it a rolling duffel for the best of both worlds.

The Solo Leroy Rolling Duffel is a solidly built but lightweight bag. You can carry it as a normal duffel bag by its top handles that velcro together. Or, carry it by one of the smaller handles on either end. Of course, you'll want to use the wheels sometimes; there are two wheels on one end and a push-button telescoping handle on the other. Both of those work exactly how you'd expect, the wheels spin conveniently so you can turn corners or just turn the bag around with no problems. Keep in mind that the "bones" of the wheels and handle do take up space in the bag and do add weight, so you won't be traveling quite as lightly as you would with an ordinary duffel bag. For me, however, having the wheels is more important than lightness if I'm going to be running around an airport.

Lighter than a suitcase and more functional than an ordinary duffel bag, it's the best of both worlds.

The dimensions of the bag are 12-inches-by-22-inches-by-12-inches, which meets the carry-on requirements for most major airlines. The capacity of the Solo Leroy Rolling Duffel is 49 liters. The bag weighs 6.04 pounds empty. It's constructed of polyester. It has two zippered pockets along the front, perfect for essentials that you need quick access to. On one end is a larger zippered compartment. On the other end is an even larger one that expands into the bag, intended for dirty laundry or shoes. You'll find a tiny zippered compartment inside the main flap on top of the bag.

I took this duffel on a recent road trip; everything my partner and I needed for our long weekend trip fit into this bag (although we did carry our laptops and other tech in separate personal bags.) I haven't tried flying with it yet, but it's certainly much lighter than the carry-on suitcases I own.

Smooth sailing

Solo Leroy Rolling Duffel: What I like

I like that it's lighter than my carry-on suitcases. Additionally, the wheels glide beautifully all the way around, which is definitely not the case with my cheaper bags. The telescoping handle also works much better than other suitcases I own. I like all of the different compartments, it's always better to be organized when you travel. The different handles are nice too, there are actually four different ways to carry it between the rolling handle, top handles, and handles on either end.

Solo Leroy Rolling Duffle

Doesn't stand up

Solo Leroy Rolling Duffel: What I don't like

It holds up well but it doesn't stand up at all. Whether it's empty or full, this duffel bag (like most rolling duffels I'd imagine) does not stand upright when you're not holding it. So, you have to either hold it the entire time you're using it or else you have to lay it down. Now that I write that out, it seems like a silly complaint about a duffel bag. If it didn't have wheels then of course you'd lay it down. Anyway, that's the only real complaint I have about this bag, other than the fact that it is pricier than other bags in this arena.

Just a cool product

Solo Leroy Rolling Duffel: Bottom line

If you don't need a bag that stands upright, Solo's Leroy Rolling Duffel is an excellent bag for any kind of travel. Lighter than a suitcase and more functional than an ordinary duffel bag, it's the best of both worlds with smooth-gliding wheels and a telescoping handle. Sized to fit the carry-on requirements for most major airlines, you can roll right onto your plane with it. The wheels and handle move like a dream, allowing you to change direction on a dime. Plenty of compartments organize your essentials and allow you easy access.

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