Some awesome tips on being more productive with Slack

For those not already familiar, Slack is a group chat tool of sorts. You can join as many teams as you'd like, which makes it a great resource for smaller businesses and even developers. Organizations can even set up different channels and chat groups to fit their specific needs. It's actually what we use here on Mobile Nations to communicate with each other throughout the day. If your organization uses Slack, Dave Chartier over on Finer Tech posted a great list of super useful Slack shortcuts.

Whether you want to quickly mark a DM as read without having to toggle between views or you want quick access to emoji, Dave has most aspects covered. I never really bothered to poke around the settings panel of the Slack app for Mac. Therefore, I never even realized you could set custom themes.

I also never would have figured out how to set unread points either, and that's an awesome feature I didn't know I needed until I actually started using it. So props to Dave for sharing these awesome tips. Be sure you check out the entire list via the link above!

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.