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What you need to know

  • Some iPhone 12 owners are missing SMS text messages.
  • It appears that the issue is affecting group SMS messages.
  • Apple Support has told some users that it is a carrier issue, but that has not been confirmed.

It appears that some iPhone 12 owners are having trouble with SMS messages. A post on the Apple Support Community talks about an issue that is affecting group SMS text messages.

"Since upgrading from my iPhone X to iPhone 12 Pro I've noticed in a group text (SMS) that I'm randomly missing texts. My husband is in the group too so I can see I'm missing multiple texts at random. Anyone else having this issue?"

A bunch of other iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro owners have responded to the question saying that they were having similar issues. One user says that they went through an extensive troubleshooting process that has, so far, not made a difference.

"Did all the regular troubleshooting: reset network settings, disable mms/group then reenable, deleted old conversation threads, even reset and setup device as new. I was running the iOS 14.2 beta on the 11 prior to update and did not notice the issue. Even now my wife has the 11 running the 14.2 beta and no issues there. T-mobile checked all account settings and it appeared fine, they recommended getting a new 5G SIM card which I did last week but issues remain."

One of iMore's own editors is currently experiencing the issue on their iPhone 12 Pro as well. According to their troubleshooting, updating to the newly released iOS 14.2 did not fix the issue.

It is currently unclear exactly what is causing the issue and Apple has yet to formally announce a fix for the problem.

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