Somebody already bent the new iPad Pro....

Ipad Pro Bend
Ipad Pro Bend (Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

What you need to know

  • EverythingApplePro has got his hands on the new iPad.
  • He bent it.
  • No really, he bent it.

Apple's new iPad Pro deliveries are starting to arrive, and EverythingApplePro has released a teardown and testing video of the new device.

The video starts off harmless enough, as EverythingApplePro unboxes the new iPad, checking out the new camera layout on the rear of the device. However, around four minutes in, he notes that Apple didn't officially mention the iPad Pro "becoming stronger" with this latest release. If that wasn't enough to set alarm bells ringing, then gripping both ends of the iPad and bending it certainly was.

With a disturbing tone of satisfaction, EAP bends the device before exclaiming "Oh man! Like butter..." He notes that Apple's 2020 iPad Pro still seems to have the same "weakness" as its predecessor, noting that Apple appears not to have made any changes whatsoever to reinforce this iPad compared to previous models.

That's probably because no user in their right mind would intentionally apply that kind of force to their brand new, $800+ iPad Pro that was only officially released yesterday... However, EAP maintains that the iPad Pro is "so easy to bend" that users should absolutely buy a case for it. Or you know... maybe just don't bend it...

The video continues as EAP prises the new display off the front of the iPad in order to take a look at the iPad Pro's new batteries and internals, including the new A12Z processor. The most interesting part of the video is probably a comparison of the inner components of the iPad Pro's new camera system featuring a LiDAR sensor for improved AR and 4K video.

The bending is tough watching, but check out the video below!

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