Apple Pay on Apple Watch Source: iMore

What you need to know

  • South African bank FNB has added support for Apple Pay.
  • Multiple card types are supported including Aspire Debit, Business Debit, and more.

South African bank FNB has added Apple Pay support, bringing iPhone and Apple Watch contactless payments to multiple card types.

As MyBroadband reports, multiple forum members and Twitter users have spotted the move, with a number of different types of card supported including Premier Fusion, Private Fusion, Private Wealth Credit, Business Debit, and Aspire Debit.

FNB becomes the fifth South African bank to add support for Apple Pay, with customers able to quickly and easily add their cards to the Apple Wallet once they have updated the FNB app via the App Store. Alternatively, users can add a card to Apple Pay manually.

Apple Pay first launched in 2014 and has been rolling out around the world ever since. Individual banks need to enable Apple Pay themselves, often leading to long wait times for those who use banks that are a little slower on the uptake. That's a shame, given the fact Apple Pay is one of the best iPhone features that people make constant use of.

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Apple Pay has proven hugely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to its contactless nature at a time where people are trying to use cash less and less. Depending on the store, Apple Pay can be used for unlimited payment values, too. Traditional contactless payments using physical cards are often limited to relatively low-value transactions, making Apple Pay a more attractive option for buyers.