Spigen Kuel AP12T Car Mount: Worth taking for every ride!

Whether you're using a car mount as a way to have easy access to your phone, or as a dash cam for peace of mind in case trouble arises on the road, look no further than Spigen's Kuel AP12T Car Mount.

Place it where it's convenient for you

Not everyone likes their car mount in the same spot. Heck, I find myself adjusting the positioning or my car mount depending on how far I'm driving.

"I never had and trouble finding a comfortable position for it to rest."

After testing the Kuel AP12T in two different sized cars, one a large, roomy family sized sedan, and the other a small, compact economy car, I never had and trouble finding a comfortable position for it to rest.

The two pivot points (the one near the base and the one near the head) made it easy to adjust it's position to fit into the compact economy car, while the extendable arm made sure my phone was within reach in the large sedan.

It works almost anywhere

Spigen Car Mount

Spigen Car Mount (Image credit: iMore)

I tried Spigen's Kuel AP12T Car Mount in two different cars, both with significantly different dashes. One car had a very flat, textured plastic dash while the only had a smooth, curved faux-leather dash.

"After a few hours of driving in stop-and-go traffic, on high-speed highways, and even gravel roads, the adhesive suction cup didn't fail"

After a few hours of driving in stop-and-go traffic, on high-speed highways, and even gravel roads, the adhesive suction cup didn't fail in either car. I was pleasantly relieved my phone didn't end up on my floor mats and was surprised at the strength of the adhesive.

The adhesive suction cup is strong, maybe even too strong, as I would sometimes struggle to get the car mount off the dash. Now, this may not be a big deal if you never intend on moving it, but fair warning to those who don't want to leave the AP12T attached to their dash at all times, you'll need to use a bit of muscle. However, the suction cup never left a mark on either dash or any windows I stuck it to, so you shouldn't have to worry about left of residue from the adhesive.

One Touch Magic

When you're on the run, the last thing you want to do is fumble around trying to secure your phone to your car mount, that's when the one touch securing method of the Kuel AP12T shines.

By pressing the button in the middle of the head, the bumpers will close firmly, securing themselves to your phone nice and snug. Without having to use more than one hand, you can easily push your phone into the head and secure it to the car mount in the blink of an eye.

Getting your phone out of the Kuel AP12T is a slightly different story. There is no one-touch solution to remove your device; you instead need to push in the plastic tabs protruding from the head to reset the one-touch mechanism. Once again, this is far from a serious problem, but when not being mindful (like one is when they find themselves in a rush) you may drop your phone.

The bottom line

Spigen's Kuel AP12T Car Mount is the real deal. The versatility of its design enables you to find a comfortable position, no matter the size of your car. The adhesive suction cup is unbelievably strong, remaining firmly in place throughout various road conditions. The ease of which you can affix your phone to the adjustable head with Spigen's one-touch button keeps you on the move through the busiest of days.

The Kuel AP12T is a solid buy for anyone looking for a reliable multi-purpose car mount.

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