Sponsored Post: Case-Mate Fuel Case for iPhone 3G

Sponsored Post: Case-Mate Fuel Case for iPhone 3G

Case-Mate Fuel Case for iPhone 3G

Case-Mate would like to introduce you to your new best friend...the iPhone 3G FUEL. It's a protective case, carrying solution, and extended battery life all in one. So from here on out you're good to charge on the go. So the next time you're rushing to get to the airport at 6am and you forget your charger...relax, your iPhone 3G is taken care of.

Extended battery life features include up to 9 hours of additional talk time, 7 hours of internet use, 8 hours of video playback, 24 hours of audio playback, and 250 hours of stand by time beyond standard iPhone 3G battery life.

Additional features include: power on/off button makes more efficient usage of the fuel by only engaging when you decide to, rechargeable through a standard 5-pin usb cable (included), fully supports syncing while iPhone 3G is docked in the fuel, fully ratcheting 180-degree belt clip, and easy slide in/out access to your iPhone 3G.

Case-Mate Fuel Case for iPhone 3G is available now from the TiPb iPhone Store...

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