Sponsored Post: Seidio Innocell External Battery Pack for iPhone 3G

[Sponsored Post: Seidio Innocell External Battery Pack for iPhone 3G]

Is your iPhone 3G battery dying out again? Give your battery a quick boost with the Seidio Innocell External Battery Pack!

Made with high quality Li-on cells this battery pack will boost your original battery by 50%. The pass through connector allows you to charge the battery and your device at the same time and it utilizes the original connector so there are no extra charging cables needed.

There are built in speaker channels to allow audio pass through and the protection circuits will prevent over charging and it can be charged in the original iPhone 3G dock and travel charger.

This sleek battery pack is slim enought to slip in a pocket or purse. Keep one handy at the office or anywhere you need that extra boost!

The Seidio Innocell External Battery Pack for iPhone 3G is available from the TiPb iPhone store...

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