Stand Out at Starbucks with these 15 MacBook Stickers

If you're someone who isn't a big fan of toting around your MacBook with a clunky case but still want a li'l extra something to express your personality and creativity, then springing for a MacBook sticker that's minimalist (while still highlighting the Apple on your laptop's cover) might be a great call.

Check out these 15 different MacBook stickers that you can use to really make you — and your MacBook — stand out in a crowd!

1. Want some juice with that Apple (opens in new tab)?

Get it?! Like apple juice?!

(All kidding aside, this vinyl sticker is adorable).

2. Show off your funky side with this psychedelic sticker (opens in new tab)

Seriously, this design (opens in new tab) is mesmerizing...

3. Origami + Apple logo = minimalist MacBook of your dreams (opens in new tab)!

This design is so cute and simple (opens in new tab), and if you aren't a fan of all those origami cranes in one spot, then you can always play around with how many you add on.

You can even put them near your keyboard (opens in new tab) if you want to spice it up a bit!

4. Martini with an Apple, shaken, not stirred (opens in new tab)

"Uh, okay… Not sure how I'd do that (opens in new tab), but sure…" (The bartender when you order that drink, probably.)

5. Add some cherries, oranges, pineapples, and pears to that fruit salad (opens in new tab)!

Because Apple on its own isn't a fruit salad (opens in new tab). It's an apple. #duh

6. A bear went over the mountain (opens in new tab) to see…

… A giant Apple logo (opens in new tab)?!

7. #Throwback with this retro Apple logo sticker (opens in new tab)!

Back in my day, my Apples were rainbow (opens in new tab), not white!

8. Yarrrrrrr an Apple a day keeps me maties away (opens in new tab), ye scurvy scallywags!

(Get it? Because this decal turns your Apple logo into a pirate (opens in new tab)? No? I'll see myself out (opens in new tab).)

9. Let the light shine in (opens in new tab) with these Apple-powered light bulb stickers (opens in new tab)!

Side note, could you imagine if light bulbs were powered by Apples (opens in new tab)?

10. Get Deadpool (opens in new tab) to chill on your Apple logo

I wouldn't bug him: he's looking for Francis (opens in new tab).

11. Apple logo, I CHOOSE YOU (opens in new tab)!

Apple Logo tried looking super cool with this awesome Poke ball decal: IT WAS EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE (opens in new tab)!

12. Join the Dark Side with this Darth Vader sticker (opens in new tab)

To put on this sticker,no Force necessary (opens in new tab)! ba dum tss

13. What's better than Newton's Cradle (opens in new tab)?

Newton's Cradle made out of Apple logos (opens in new tab), of course!

14. NO MOAR APPLE LOGO, JUS CAT NAO (opens in new tab)!!1!

"HI I AM CAT NICE 2 MEET U I ATE LOGO :) (opens in new tab)". (This cat bursting through your MacBook, probably)

15. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming (opens in new tab)

And don't be lured by any glowing apples (opens in new tab) while you do!

Cella Lao Rousseau

Cella writes for iMore on social and photography. She's a true crime enthusiast, bestselling horror author, lipstick collector, buzzkill, and Sicilian. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @hellorousseau

  • How utterly pretentious. BTW, the last thing I want to do is "stand out" at Starbucks - of all places - based on whatever laptop/phone/tablet I happen to be using. I would be embarrassed enough to be seen there. I don't want to attract attention.
  • Why would I put a multicolored apple on my MBP when it doesn't even vaguely resemble the rainbow Apple logo of days gone by? Seriously, a REAL Apple logo has green at the top, blue on the bottom and looks nothing like the one depicted above.