StatusBuddy ScreenshotSource: StatusBuddy

What you need to know

  • StatusBuddy keeps tabs on Apple's services.
  • It'll let you know when one is having issues.
  • The app is free, but you can pay to help its development.

StatusBuddy is a new Mac app from developer Guilherme Rambo that keeps tabs on Apple's service statuses and then lets you know if something isn't working properly. That's the kind of information that can be really important to developers, for example.

StatusBuddy is a simple app that lives in your Menu bar. When a service isn't working – like the App Store or TestFlight – the app's icon will notify you. Then, you can click it to see more information.

StatusBuddy is a simple app that shows an icon on your Mac's menu bar. When an Apple service is having issues, the icon shows a red badge and you can click it to check what's going on. The app will show the same issues Apple reports in their official system status dashboards for developers and consumers, so it includes both developer services such as App Store Connect and TestFlight and consumer services such as Apple Music and TV+.

This isn't an app that everyone will need, but if you are someone who relies on Apple's services it can be important to know when they're experiencing issues. And now you can do it without having to check Apple's status web page.

StatusBuddy is a free download, but you can pay any price you like if you want to help Rambo continue developing the app.