Life seems to be getting more hectic all the time, and aside from all the personal to-do lists we have, there are even more in our working lives. If you're seeing multiple projects through from start to finish, then it's hardly likely that they're all at the same stage. Juggling so much at once can be tiring, overwhelming, and outright confusing. If you're trying to manage everything in a spreadsheet, daytimer, or (even worse) just in your head, you're gonna have a bad time.

Pagico 8 is the task management app you need. It's a one-stop shop that helps turn all of your tasks, notes, and projects into gorgeous and interactive flowcharts. You'll be able to plot out projects piece by piece or on the fly, and you'll get to organize and maintain them throughout the entire process, in minute detail. Pagico 8 regularly retails for $50, but right now at iMore Digital Offers, you can get it for just $19. That's a savings of 62%. You'll also get to sync it with your mobile devices or other computers for free for 6 months.

If you have a lot on your plate, that's perfect: Pagico 8 lets you manage and plan hundreds of projects at a time, and it's as easy as keyword searching thanks to the powerful tag browser. And if you simply have too much going on, check out [Pagico 8]('s Today view, which lets you focus on the current day and track your progress in baby steps.

You can even schedule (and reschedule) tasks so that you're never missing a deadline or step in your larger project. Pagico 8 even lets you manage tasks, notes, and files together, with the ability to cross-link everything. If you have a lot on your professional plate, then let Pagico 8 help organize it all neatly and keep you from being overwhelmed. Just don't bother paying $50, when you can get it at iMore Digital Offers for only $19.

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