In Stock: iSkin solo FX for iPhone 3GS/3G

In Stock: iSkin solo FX for iPhone 3GS

iSkin solo FX [$34.99 - iMore Store link] instantly give your beloved iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G a fashion makeover with bright, bold color and glamorous style.

Carefully crafted for a precise fit, the iSkin solo FX perfectly encapsulates the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS' elegant contours in a beautiful, high-gloss bodysuit. The iSkin solo FX raises the style bar even further by adding an embossed designer pattern that demands attention, and a fabulous mirror film that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Delivering fashionable everyday protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust, and everyday hazards, the form-fitting solo FX is also hot/cold temperature resistant, odorless, and available in a range of stunning high-gloss color options.

The iSkin solo FX is thoughtfully designed to protect your iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS without sacrificing functionality. You'll enjoy the optimal convenience of completely unhindered screen, docking port, headphone and camera access, while your essential volume and power buttons remain safely and snugly protected.

The iSkin solo FX arrives with an enhanced non-slip surface treatment that feels fantastic and helps you keep a confident grip on your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. It also helps stabilize your beloved device when placing it on angled surfaces.

The solo FX sports a unique mirror film that will provide touch compatible screen protection that will help guard against scratches, dust, and other damage caused by everyday use.

iSkin solo FX for iPhone 3GS/3G are available now from TiPb's iPhone accessory store...

Brent Zaniewski

Your friendly neighborhood accessories guru