Shortcuts running on an iPhone XSSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Siri is great at running shortcuts.
  • But it can be annoyingly chatty when confirming one has run.
  • This tip will stop that from happening.

Siri is a great way to have a shortcut run, especially if you have a HomePod handy. But while shouting "Hey Siri, wake me up" and having the coffee machine fire up and lights come on is cool, there's a problem – Siri likes to confirm the shortcut has run. And boy does it really want to talk about it.

Often you'll get a "That's done" or something similar. Sure, it isn't the biggest problem in the world but it's just irritating enough to want to make it stop happening. Apple should just throw a button into the Settings app, but seeing as that isn't its style we're going to have to resort to other measures.

Like this ridiculously simple tip floating around on Reddit.

Just found out that adding a "Speak" with a " " (space) as value at the end of a shortcut keeps Siri from saying anything like "done" or "ok" after running the shortcut. I don't know if that's widely known, I searched and couldn't find a way to do this. Hope it helps someone :)

Oh yes, u/feroon, it does indeed.

Now, there are caveats here. This doesn't work for every shortcut according to the testing I've done. There are plenty of people saying that it works for them in that there Reddit thread, though. It seems to very much depend on the actions that your shortcut runs – some will always trigger a confirmation regardless.

Still, stopping Siri from talking even a little bit is a win in my book!