When you're working in front of a computer all day, writing documents, sending emails, editing websites, or any task that requires a ton of typing, you are always wasting time by doing several things over and over again with no shortcut.

Stop typing the same thing over and over again!

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You may be thinking "how much time could I be losing"? Well, think about it for a second, how many times do you say you fix the same typo? Type in the same shipping address? Add the same boilerplate to a press release? All that time adds up over the course of a day, and the only way to fix it is to change how you do things. Lucky for you iMore has the perfect solution.

TypeIt4ME will keep you typing faster than ever before! This fantastic tool gives you the ability to correct common typos you make daily and create useful shortcuts for the information you type every day with just a click of the mouse!

Check out the benefits of this great service:

  • Abbreviate the things you type most frequently to write them out faster.
  • Correct the frequent typos that usually trip you up.
  • Effortlessly insert dates and times
  • Sync with Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and more to work across anywhere you write.
  • Get fill-in-the-blanks placeholder prompts with Autocue
  • Run Apple scripts when you type shortcuts.

Right now, iMore Digital Offers is offering TypeIt4Me for only 9.99! That's 50% off the regular price!

You can even take that same 50% off the price of a 5-user plan and 10-user plan, so your entire office can reap the rewards and be more productive!

Never worry about wasting time doing the same old tasks over and over again. Whether you are working in HTML, Word, or writing emails every day, TypeIt4Me will make you a more productive worker!

Stop wasting your precious time doing repitive tasks!

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