Apple has some new iPhone X and iPad Pro ads up, focusing on features like Portrait Lighting and ARKit that help distinguish the devices and the platforms.

First up is a new iPhone X ad focused on Studio Lighting.

Portrait Lighting on iPhone X creates studio-quality lighting effects. See portraits and selfies in a whole new light. Learn more at

Song: D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing) by NVDES & REMMI

I like this. Portrait Lighting is still in beta and Stage Lighting is still especially hit-and-miss, but this is a bouncy, fun spot that highlights the feature well. It's aspirational and, I think, effective.

Next is a new video on iPad Pro and augmented reality (AR).

With iPad Pro + iOS 11, you can use augmented reality to literally transform the world around you. Your next computer might not be a computer.

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I still love the actor and the vibe, but given that Apple chose to show off ARKit while out-and-about, I would have preferred seeing something more practical and more in keeping with the What's a Computer spot's productivity angle.

Last of the new sports is all about iPad Pro and note taking.

With iPad Pro + iOS 11, you can use Apple Pencil to create multimedia notes. Draw, type, or drag and drop your favorite photos from Files. Your next computer might not be a computer.

Song: Go by Louis The Child

Drag and drop is great and the video shows it off well. I'm perplexed as to why Apple included Pencil, though. It's not used, not even for a few seconds to show how well it can take handwritten notes, and so is just left to awkwardly highlight that there's no good way to hold it when you're not using it.

I'd have preferred to see a couple of seconds of handwriting and OCR, then a badass way to hold it — like we saw the same actor show off a badass way of folding up the Smart Keyboard previously — before finishing strong on drag and drop.

Let me know what you think of them.

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