Ipad Mini 6 ConceptSource: 4RMD

What you need to know

  • This new iPad mini concept imagines an iPad Air, but smaller.
  • The concept is for an iPad mini that we expect to be announced within weeks.
  • It's unlikely that Apple will announce the new iPad mini during its iPhone 13 event tomorrow.

All the smart money is on Apple announcing a refreshed iPad mini within the next few weeks and a new concept gives us another idea of what that new tablet could look like. Spoiler: it's an iPad Air, but smaller. And that's a very good thing.

Shared to YouTube by 4RMD, the video runs for almost three minutes and shows an iPad mini in multiple new colors, including the same stunning green that everyone should definitely buy iPad Airs in. The concept shows a Home button-less design just as we expect, complete with the Touch ID sensor built into the power button.

Check it out and prepare to want a new iPad mini.

The concept does show an Apple Pencil, although it is difficult to determine its size. Previous rumors had Apple launching a miniature Apple Pencil to go with their miniature iPad, but recent leaks suggested that full Apple Pencil 2 support could be in the works. That could require the moving of the volume buttons, but that isn't something this concept takes into consideration. Perhaps another good reminder that concepts are just that.

Still, as far as concepts go, this one is more than good enough to whet the appetite. If you weren't already excited for the best iPad mini ever, you really should be after watching that video!

Apple isn't expected to announce the new iPad mini tomorrow, unfortunately. The new iPads and Macs are expected to share a second event at a later date, with iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 getting all of the attention this week.