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What you need to know

  • Taiyo Yuden products capacitors for Apple.
  • It's expecting a bumper 2020 because of the move to 5G.
  • 5G phones use around 30% more capacitors than their 4G counterparts.

With Apple expected to start offering iPhones in 5G configurations in 2020, its manufacturing partners are hopeful of a bumper year, According to a new Bloomberg report (via 9to5Mac), 5G phones use around 30% more transistors than standard 4G ones. And that means more money for capacitor manufacturers.

One of those manufacturers is Japan-based Taiyo Yuden and strong 5G demand will line the company's coffers next year.

The multi-layer ceramic capacitors, or MLCCs, Taiyo Yuden makes are building blocks of the modern world. Tiny components made of metallic plates, they're used in electronic circuits to stabilize voltage and power flow.

With Huawei and Samsung already having increased orders for capacitors during the move to 5G, Taiyo Yuden CEO Shoichi Tosaka says that he expects Apple to begin placing component orders in June 2020 ahead of a September iPhone release.

Apple's move to 5G is one that has been hotly anticipated despite the relative lack of 5G coverage available to most iPhone buyers. Regardless, pent up demand has Apple telling suppliers to expect more than 100 million 5G iPhones to be needed in 2020.