Close-up look at iPhone 12 Pro: Supposed official chassis just leaked

iPhone 12 Pro Navy Blue mockup
iPhone 12 Pro Navy Blue mockup (Image credit: EverythingApplePro/Max Weinbach)

What you need to know

  • A 5-second video of the supposed iPhone 12 Pro chassis just came out.
  • It shows evidence of LiDAR and possibly a magnetic charger.
  • It's just a chassis, not a full phone.

Apple leaker Every Apple Pro just published a 5-second video showing what is claimed to be the official chassis of the iPhone 12 Pro. It shows the inner panel, the sides, and the back of the phone, which shows evidence of a LiDAR camera system, what appears to be a magnetic connector (possibly for charging), and A new position for the SIM slot.

The video is short and the hand moves fast, but we can definitely see that the iPhone 12 Pro looks to be going back to Apple's previous and beloved iPhone 4 style design aesthetic with chamfered edges.

On one side of the chassis we see the volumn buttons, the mute switch, and and a SIM port, which is moved from the opposite side of the iPhone.

On the other edge, we see the sleep/wake buttons as well as a subtle strip that appears to possibly be a magnetic charging connector similar to how the Apple Pencil connects to the iPad Pro (though I don't believe its for Apple Pencil support, but maybe a magnetic charger) or a 5G antenna (thank you to Juli Clover of Mac Rumors for the 5G suggestion).

The video does not show the top or bottom of the iPhone, so there is no confirmation of a Lightning or USB-C port hole.

Lory Gil

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