Swift 3.1 targeted for spring 2017 release

Apple has outlined the release window, process, and goals of Swift 3.1, the next notable revision of its programming language. The major goal with Swift 3.1 is source compatibility, meaning that those programs compiled in Swift 3.0 will still compile in Swift 3.1.

Additionally, how previews of Swift are released is changing. Rather than more stable preview releases over time, the team will offer daily snapshots of the release branch, according to the Swift blog:

For Swift 3.1 there will instead be daily downloadable snapshots of the release branch. Snapshots will be produced as part of continuous integration testing. The cadence of downloadable snapshots will thus be more frequent and granular. Snapshots will be posted daily, assuming tests are passing.

With a more limited scope in Swift 3.1, the team hopes to release it in spring 2017. To that end, change to the master branch will only be accepted before January 16. Following the release of Swift 3.1, the team will move on to the development of Swift 4.