Android Central got their mechanical pincers on a fresh new T-Mobile Android G1 un-boxing today, and what's the first thing they go and do? Measure it up against an iPhone 3G, of course.

Not that we can blame them. While Android's rugged R2D2-esque looks might not make for an obvious point of comparison, they are currently the only two devices on the North American market with capacitive touch screens, and both are game-changers when it comes to the mobile platform space.

For good measure, Dieter throws it up against a bunch of other smartphones as well, including the Windows Mobile Wing and Shadow, Blackberry Pearl Flip, Blackberry Bold, the Palm Treo Pro, and the Instinct.

Unfortunately, there's no OS showdown yet, as the G1 won't work without a data plan, period. [Digg that!]

Still, lots more goodness to come over at Android Central, so keep a feed scanning unit at the ready!