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Apple Vs Google

iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) vs Droid Incredible vs EVO 4G vs Nexus One spec showdown!

Yes, it's completely useless and quasi pornographic to compare prototype and rumored specs for unannounced, unfinished devices like the iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) with specs from real, announced, and shipping or shipped devices like the Verizon Droid Incredible, Sprint EVO 4G, and Google Nexus One. But it's damn fun.

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Verizon Android Incredible vs iPhone

Our sibling site Android Central has just published a full review of the Verizon Droid Incredible -- the latest Google superphone Android competition to the iPhone. (And yes, it does seem like they're coming more than once a month now -- we feel bad for Phil!).

It's pretty much a gussied-up Nexus One with Sense UI, which you'd think would make it a Desire but it bumps a few specs (like an 8mp camera with dual LED flash) and a CDMA radio (which the Nexus One was supposed to do but hasn't yet, and the iPhone keeps being rumored to do but hasn't yet either).

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Google readying Android gPad tablet to compete with iPad

Google CEO Eric Schmidt schmoozed some news about the next business of Apple's they're about to get all up in -- an Android-based tablet competitor for the iPad. As reported in the New York Times :

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iPhone 4.0: Spotlight searches Google and Wikipedia

Spotlight in iPhone 4.0 takes a %&@ good on-device search that could find your apps, contacts, and other personal data, and makes it a ^%^(&$ fantastic on-device and web-resource search that can also send text strings out to the internet -- spelled Google and Wikipedia and bring you back the results.

First, yes, Google is still the default search engine, so that coffee break obviously worked. Second, yes, those Wikipedia strings that were discovered in previous iPhone OS betas looks like they've finally surfaced.

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TiPb Live Podcast #92: iPad Imminent!

Chad and Rene discuss the iPad launch, iPhone 4.0 and iPhone G4 rumors, Steve and Eric having lunch, iPhone on Verizon again, and all the week's news. Listen in!

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TiPb Live Podcast #90 -- Game On!

Chad and Rene discuss iPad pre-orders, GDC 2010, iPhone 4.0 rumors, Google vs. Apple, Windows Phone 7 series, and all the week's news. Listen in!

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Apple vs. Google is Getting Personal

The New York Time has a full length feature up about the state of the Apple vs. Google rivalry and how it's getting personal. We've heard similar several times before, of course, and Apple has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Android manufacturer HTC. But the details here are interesting:

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Steve Jobs Thinks "Mobile Ads Suck", Intends iTunes-style Fix?

BusinessWeek is reporting that, according to the cliched "source familiar with the situation", Apple CES Steve Jobs thinks "mobile ads suck" in their current form (oh, hai, Google!) and intends to do for them what he did for music with iTunes and mobile with the iPhone -- revolutionize it.

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