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Is Your iPhone Battery Life 20% Less With Push Notification?

Back when Apple re-introduced Push Notification at the iPhone 3.0 Sneak Preview Event, Scott Forstall claimed that, unlike background multitasking that could cause an 80% drop in battery life, Push Notification would only cause a 20% drop. While some debated the truth (or truthiness) of his claims, it did set the expectation that users running Push Notification-enabled apps would see lower battery life, and gave an indicator of just how much less.

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From the Forums: 3.1 Software, iPhone 3GS Issues, Next Generation Hardware, iPhone 3GS Battery Life

It’s that time again — time for us to pick out some of the hot topics on TiPb’s forums. In order for you to reply to any of the following threads please be sure to register. It’s a painless process that will only take a moment of your time.

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TiPb Birthday Bash: Win a mophie Juice Pack Battery Pack/Case for iPhone 3G!

Entering this contest counts as an entry in TiPb's Birthday Bash grand-prize draw for an Unlocked ColorWare iPhone 3G!

Courtesy of TiPb's iPhone Store, our first accessory give-away is the mophie Juice Pack 3G! Designed to more than double the time you can Rock, Talk, Surf and Send with your iPhone 3G. The Juice Pack is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case. It extends the time that you can use your iPhone 3G in these ways (additional hours):

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How's Your Battery Life With iPhone OS 2.2.1?

There were complaints about battery life with iPhone OS 2.1, but many on the various internet channels seemed to think OS 2.2 fixed that up rather nicely. Reports since iPhone OS 2.2.1 have varied more widely. Some seem to think it's fine while others, including well know tech pundit Leo Laporte, keep saying they're getting worse battery life since the last update.

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Review: Seidio Innocell External Battery Pack for iPhone 3G

The Seidio Innocell External Battery Pack for iPhone 3G is the latest accessory to try an mitigate the lack of a user-changeable battery. Unlike cases that strap on to your iPhone, or dongles that plug in to the bottom, the Seidio Innocell, available for $39.95 from the iMore Store, tries to find a compromise between the capacity and convenience: a good bit of power in a form factor that's fairly small and unobtrusive.

How does it do? Find out after the break!

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Patent Watch: iPhone Dock and Battery Swaps?

Apple patents are strange and mysterious things. Like sums over futures, they give us a peek at thousands of strands of potentiality, but no clue about eventuality. In other words, Apple patents tons of stuff, most of which we never see in actual consumer products. Some of these, however, are pretty interesting looking. The Register says:

One of the applications describes a "host machine" - looking much like an iMac in the accompanying drawings - that has battery-charging slots built into its body.

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Review: RichardSolo 1800 for iPhone Battery Charger

The iPhone doesn't have a user-changeable battery. To some that was a non-starter. To others, that was a call to action. Enter the iPhone external battery charger. We've seen them in several forms now, from built-in cases like the Mophie Juice Pack to plug-in units like the RichardSolo 1800 for iPhone.

TiPb had a chance to meet with the very gracious Richard Thalheimer at Macworld, who shared his enthusiasm for the RichardSolo 1800 and asked us to give it a try. Seeing as how, between email, twitter, blogging, texting, and calling, I was draining our iPhones near dry, I was more than happy to.

So how did it do? Read on after the break!

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Updated: iPhone 2.1 Firmware Causing Battery Drain? Is Push to Blame?

How is your battery life doing after upgrading to firmware 2.1? Hopefully better than mine!

I thought everything was going great after I updated Friday morning. Well I had a full charge late in the afternoon and left for work. A half hour later I noticed my iPhone was a bit warm without even using it. I Looked at my battery life and I was at 50% or so! Safe to say the phone was dead not long after.

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iPhone 3G to be Waif-Thin, Supercharged, & Ultra-Cheap?!

"Inside Steve's Brain" author Leander Kahney of Wired magazine is reporting a programmer source inside a major software house has revealed that the next generation iPhone 3G will thinner -- we're talking Paris Hilton thinner -- by a whopping 22%.

Not only that, it will sport better battery life than the already impressive 8 hours talk time of the first gen model, and twice the NAND flash capacity, topping out at 32GB. (Paving the way for 64GB iPod Touch's?)

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