Can you use a thick screen protector with Apple's Smart Battery Case?

Can you use a thick screen protector with Apple's Smart Battery Case?

Best answer: Absolutely! Even if you're using a tempered glass screen protector or something with more bulk, Apple's Smart Battery Case doesn't interfer with the screen's edge enough to mess up your screen protector. Plus, the material the Smart Battery Case is made from is flexible enough to slip over any edge-to-edge screen protectors.For iPhone XS: Smart Battery Case ($129)Screen protection: iamFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector ($8)

Despite any thicc-ness, the Apple Smart Battery Case will fit 'dis… iPhone

If you're worried about your Apple Smart Battery Case not fitting like a glove with a thicker screen protector, you don't need to worry. The case will charge your iPhone regardless of the screen protector's thickness.

Some screen protectors reach all the way to the very edge, which can sometimes get caught up with a case, but the Apple Smart Battery case doesn't have this problem because the lip is pliable and only comes over the edge of the phone by a fraction of a millimeter. This makes it both easier for sliding over, and is not as likely to rub up against your screen protector anyway.

Even if you're someone who uses a tempered glass protector, the Apple Smart Battery Case will still fit and charge your iPhone's battery effortlessly.

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