Best rugged back-up batteries for iPhone

You'll want to bring your iPhone along for your more adventurous activities, but you'll also want to make sure it has enough juice for you to take pictures, check notes, and chill out with when things aren't so extreme. Take a gander at these extra-tough backup batteries that can handle a tumble and a splash without a problem.

Your favorites?

Those are some of my favorite rugged battery chargers. What have you used lately to make sure your iPhone stays alive while roughing it?

Simon Sage

Editor-at-very-large at Mobile Nations, gamer, giant.

  • I bought the Fre Power for my wife prior to a vacation trip. She takes LOTS of photos and kills her battery whenever she takes a day-trip with the kids, so I considered it insurance. Short review: Lifeproof = underwater pictures of the kids playing in the pool = lots of fun. The case effectively doubles the run-time of the phone. Be careful of leaving it out in the sun because the thermal overrides of either the iPhone or the case will turn off the charging process. If the case/phone does get warm, you can safely dunk it in the water to cool it off. I recommend using an iPad (or other 2+ Amp) adapter to charge the case/phone. When I tried to use a standard iPhone 1A charger, it took HOURS and HOURS to charge. I used an old Palm Touchpad 2A charger and it worked like a champ.
  • There's also a Canadian company called Rhynopack (@Rhynopack that we love dearly.
  • This is really poorly done for an article on this site. You've hardly scratched the surface here, and provided very little results. 6 is all you could come up with? Why not actually acquiring these items and taking them for a spin before writing some half-ended list? Limefuel Rugged is where I would start. Limefuel (Originally Limeade) started on Kickstarter, and went from there. A company who actually put in the time to design something original, before any of these other batteries existed. As is usually the case, the simplest designs are the best ones, and Limefuel understands this.