How long does the Nikon D3400's battery last?

Nikon d3400
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How long does the Nikon D3400's battery last?

Best answer: You get up to three hours of battery life with your Nikon D3400 if you just take photos. If you shoot video, you'll get even less. If you want to do a lot of shooting with your camera, be sure to have a contingency plan with a charger or extra battery.Amazon: Nikon D3400 ($395)Amazon: STK/SterlingTek Nikon 3400 charger ($15)Amazon: EN-EL14A Battery for Nikon ($35)

You can shoot for a few hours without worry

Whether you're someone who prefers to shoot video or take pictures with your D3400, you won't have to worry about the battery draining in an instant: you'll have at least three hours of battery life to shoot with.

When your battery is running low, just pop it in the charger and wait for 1.5-2 hours to get your battery fully recharged.

One way to make sure that your D3400's battery lasts is to make sure you're not shooting a ton of video. Shooting video will take up more of your battery and drain it quicker than if you were shooting strictly photos. If you're only shooting video you can get 50-90 minutes of battery life.

If you're only shooting video you can get 50-90 minutes of battery life.

If you did need to quickly charge your Nikon's battery, then having a portable, convenient charger handy is key. We love the STK/SterlingTek Nikon 3400 charger because it's a compact, high-quality accessory that even comes with a car adapter so you can charge on the go.

Another thing to do if you always want to keep on top of your battery life is to have a spare battery in your bag.

The EN-EL14A Battery for Nikon is a reliable option to consider, with users citing they can get over 500 shots from a clean charge on this particular battery.

Why bother with the Nikon D3400?

The Nikon D3400 is a great option because of its price point, stellar shooting capabilities, and photo and video quality. There are plenty of accessories that you can buy to make your shooting experience with the Nikon D3400 even better, but even if you stick to the standard camera — and regardless if you're a professional or an amateur — you'll be able to snap some shots you're seriously proud of.

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