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Bing for iPhone now helps you search for music and compare prices

Microsoft has updated its Bing search app for the iPhone. Among other things it has added new music search features, along with a way to compare prices at shopping websites.

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Bing on iPhone and iPad adds image search with latest update

Microsoft has updated its Bing app for the iPhone and iPad. The new version adds, among other things, a way to search for images in the app

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Microsoft enables 3D Touch support and more in Bing and Cortana for iPhone

Microsoft has pushed out big updates for two of its iPhone apps: Bing and Cortana. Both apps now support 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S/6S Plus, as well as a bunch of other features specific to each app.

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Bing for iPhone gets a new look, quick answers, and an offline mode

Microsoft's Bing app for iPhone has been updated, completely overhauling the look of the app while also adding quick answers to questions and an offline mode.

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Bing Search app for iPhone updated with Apple Watch support and more

Microsoft has updated its Bing Search app for the iPhone, which adds Apple Watch support for checking what's currently trending on the Internet with Bing's Popular Now feature.

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Microsoft adds faster ways to earn Bing Rewards on the iPhone and mobile browsers

Microsoft has updated its Bing Rewards service for use on the iPhone and mobile browsers so that subscribers to the service can earn points faster and also redeeem their points quicker for things like e-gift cards and more

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Bing for iPhone adds private search mode and more with latest update

Microsoft has released a new version of its Bing search app for the iPhone, which includes a number of new features, including a private search mode and more.

Some of the other new features in the app include a way to check your Bing Rewards points so you can redeem them for e-gift cards and more.

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Find photos faster and type less with Bing's new image search

Microsoft is introducing an new way to search for photos with Bing on iOS mobile browsers that involves much less work with typing words on a keyboard.

Instead, users of browsers like Safari for iOS can type in a couple of words, such as "spring flowers", to bring up groups of suggestions that Microsoft calls "bubbles".

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11 amazing action extensions for iPhone

iOS has let us copy, paste, and print for quite some time now, but iOS 8 shook things up, allowing developers to build action extensions right into their apps that make them more useful and intuitive than ever. With action extensions, you no longer have to copy a password from your favorite password management app or use an in-app browser; instead, you can call it up via the Share sheet whenever you need it. You can also perform translations on the fly, thanks to apps like Bing Search, or even add a delivery to your favorite tracking app with just a tap. Read on for some of our favorite apps that support action extensions!

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How to quickly translate web pages in Safari for iPhone and iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can easily translate web pages in the Safari browser thanks to the Bing app and its action extension. Instead of cutting and pasting links or text, or switching apps, you can simply go to the page you want to translate, tap a couple of buttons, and watch as the the language changes right before your eyes.

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