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The Competition

Facebook's not-a-phone gets not-a-commercial

Facebook, like Microsoft before it, chose to pitch their new Home interface as people-centric. That's in contrast to the app-centric approach of Apple's iOS Springboard, and other platforms before it dating back to Palm and Newton. To emphasize the difference, and in hopes of selling it to the masses, Facebook has released a commercial of sorts. And... I'm not really sure what vibe they were going for. It seems to land somewhere between the original Palm Pre lady and Google's give-us-all-your-kids-stuff on the creepy scale.

The Facebook not-a-phone is targeted at people for whom Facebook is the primary purpose of the internet. If you're one of those people, chances are you're already okay with Facebook getting all up in your information in exchange for socially sorted communications and connections, I don't know how this commercial helps make you feel good about giving them that level of trust. If you're scared of Facebook and don't want their tentacles anywhere near your life or loved ones, I don't know how this commercial helps move you from that opinion.

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Unibody aluminium iPhone competitor HTC One gets reviewed

Android Central's Alex Dobie has posted his definitive HTC One review. While he bewilderingly managed to misspell aluminium, Dobie otherwise did a fantastic job looking at the almost Apple-class unibody hardware, stunning 1080p LCD display, and the interesting if more divisive HTC Sense 5 interface. His conclusion:

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Apple adds new webpage, sends out emails telling us why people love iPhones... more than other phones

Apple has updated with a new page, and sent out an email campaign, aimed at telling us just why people love iPhones... and why competing phones just aren't as good. The timing, so soon after Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 is certainly interesting, and feels like it marks a shift in Apple's strategy towards the more aggressive, more competitive product marketing. Apple did a lot of this in the "Get a Mac" days with their "I'm a Mac" and "I'm a PC" character commercials, but it hasn't been a major focus of their mobile campaigns until now.

Mixed into the new webpage and mailer, are lines like:

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Samsung gets ready to counter-program the iPhone with the Galaxy S4

I'm in New York with our Windows Phone editor, Daniel Rubino and our videographer, Martin Reisch, to help Android Central's Phil Nickinson cover the ever-loving stuffing out of the Samsung Galaxy S4 event at Radio City Music Hall tonight. (Yeah, all of us can work cross-platform, go figure?)

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HTC seeks to counter-program iPhone 5 with HTC One

Our sibling site, Android Central, is live at the HTC events in New York and London, and I'm hugely interested in what they're going to report for us today. Why? Because it's that time of year again. The iPhone 5 is almost 6 months old, and if Apple stays to pattern, we won't see an iPhone 5s -- or whatever they call it -- for several more months to come. So it's absolutely the perfect time for competitors to start counter-programming. HTC, who pretty much invented that strategy with the original Google Nexus One back 2010, is hoping to work some of that magic again with what's rumored to be the HTC One. And they're hoping to start working it today.

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Nokia tries to preempt iPhone 5 with amazing Lumia 920 camera, absolutely no launch details

Once news got out that Apple would be holding an iPhone event on September 12, every competitor and their platform partner scrambled to announce events ahead of time. Mostly. The first was Nokia's Windows Phone event this morning, which showed off the new flagship Nokia Lumia 920 with a brief nod to the mode budget-friendly Nokia Lumia 820. Daniel Rubino from our Mobile Nations sibling site, WPCentral was there live to catch all the actions.

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Xperia, Galaxy Note, Ativ-S, Galaxy Camera: New Sony, Samsung phones come out to play at IFA 2012

Our Mobile Nations sibling sites, Android Central, and WPCentral are live at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and since Apple doesn't attend any shows but their own -- expected on September, 12, of course -- that leaves the stage wide open to companies like Sony and Samsung to show off new Xperia T, Galaxy Note 2, Ativ-S, and other devices. Here's what we've seen so far...

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With the Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung brings a stylus to the iPad fight

Samsung has released a new iPad-sized tablet and, of course, our Mobile Nations sibling site Android Central has a complete Galaxy Tab 10.1 review ready and waiting for you. Will it give Apple a run for their money in the large-form tablet space? Sadly, doesn't look like it. Here's Anndrew Vacca's bottom line:

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Microsoft announces all new 10.6-inch Surface, a tablet competitor to iPad

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has just announced the all new Microsoft Surface, a Windows 8 tablet competitor to Apple's iPad. Microsoft's original Surface was a "big ass table" that mainly gained traction as a product placement on TV shows. This ain't that.

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Facebook once again rumored to be making a phone, this time with iPhone talent

The only thing surprising about rumors that Facebook is once again working on their own smartphone is that they're still rumors -- that Facebook is taking so long to figure out a strategy and execute on it. Now *The New Y

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