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The Competition

Sibling Rivalry: Will iPod Touch Cannibalize iPhone Sales? Is the Pope Catholic?

Apple may have opened a can of worms by removing all but one reason for buying an iPhone. For starters, they've given the iPhone a vasectomy, freeing of its GSM radio and carrier entanglements, and re-branded it as a standalone product even identical in appearance to its cellular sibling. On paper that seems like a sound strategy for product growth, and it is...for iPod sales. Unfortunately it's not going to do wonders for iPhone's prospects. Many consumers who otherwise might have purchased iPhones will now be offered a choice that will almost certainly lead them to buy an iPod instead.

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iPhone p0wns Smartphone Market in July, Embarrassing Rivals

Apple has reason to celebrate today. According to a new report published by iSuppli, iPhone topped the charts during the month of July, outselling every Smartphone on the U.S. market, even rivaling the most popular feature phone sold; LG's Chocolate.

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Nokia Brazenly Copies iPhone As World Looks on in Shame

Nokia held a gala press event earlier today, proudly showcasing its newest line of consumer handsets and high-end smartphones, all very common and sporting the usual design flair we've come to love, and lament. But the true highlight of the show came during a special promotional video demonstrating upcoming technology Nokia has cooking in its labs. wink wink

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AppleInsider Compares iPhone to Palm Treo 650, Laughs Hysterically

AppleInsider's Daniel Eran Dilger put together a lengthy five page review comparing iPhone to Palm's obsolete operating system, drawing comparisons to features, hardware, software design and usability. Guess who came out ahead? I'll give you a hint; it wasn't PalmOS.

Funny thing is, I was in the middle of writing an identical feature article for this site, some time ago, and gave up when I realized the entire topic was irrelevant because PalmOS (Garnet) is a dead, long forgotten platform that holds little interest for anyone these days. I would draw more interest by comparing iPhone to Mike Vick's ego.

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Study Says iPhone Twice As Slow to Text as Blackberry, Tot..olee Totally.. Un...Tr..weu Untrue

User Centric, Inc., a usability consultancy research group, has published a study finding that iPhone's virtual keyboard is nearly twice as slow to enter text compared with devices that have fixed hardware buttons.

The study gave iPhones to 20 participants who were asked to send text messages and emails using the device, while UC searchers monitored their actions. Hilarity ensued. The group found texting on devices with fixed keys to be fast and accurate. On the iPhone - slow and clumsy.

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C|Net Compares Apples to Oranges, With iPhone vs.Nokia N95 Shootout

I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of pointless product comparisons. It's like watching a building burn to the ground. They have a certain hypnotic effect that seizes your attention and keeps you fixated on each biased point. So it comes as no surprise when major media companies engage in lame attempts to grab our eyeballs with idiotic iPhone vs. insert something here as a way of generating ad revenue. Hey, someone has to click on those Google ads to keep the lights on.

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PC World Finds 13 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone, and One Reason Not to Subscribe to PC World

Harry McCracken writes on PC World's TechBlog that after spending one week with an iPhone he found the device to be incredibly cool, but also impractical for his needs. So traded it in for a Windows Mobile device, the AT&T 8525 (HTC Hermes).

He outlines 13 reasons why he doesn't want the iPhone.

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Apple Could Beat Windows Mobile, And So Could Your Mother

InfoWorld's Oliver Rist (no relation to Charles Dicken's character) thinks that Microsoft needs to scramble its developers to fix and improve Windows Mobile before Apple eats their lunch.

Windows Mobile may have all the paper advantages — openness, Microsoft app compatibility, a great price, and loads of third-party support — but if users can't rely on it out there in the wild, woolly, and unsupported field, none of that means very much.

The article has more of a pro-Microsoft slant, designed to illustrate what Micorosft needs to fix with its mobile platform in order to slam the door in Apple's face. Still worth a morning read.


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Saying Goodbye to Palm

As a mobile enthusiast, I own (or have owned) a cross sample of every major platform on the market today, ranging from Windows Mobile, Symbian, embedded Linux (well, one flavor anyway), and BlackBerry OS. I first cut my teeth on mobile technology with PalmOS way back in 1997 when a small startup named Palm Computing introduced a product called the Palm Pilot, launching an industry of software and hardware development. The Pilot 1000 was my very first PDA, and I immediately fell in love with the software and its hallmark simplicity. That device kindled a love affair with mobile technology that has lasted to this day.

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Video: HTC Touch vs. iPhone, Smackdown

Dieter Bohn (yeah, his name is so French) of WM Experts does a nice walk through comparison between the HTC Touch and iPhone, stacking up each device's feature set and functionality. I agree with Dieter's overall assessment and conclusions, except for his assertion the Touch's onscreen keyboard comes out ahead of iPhone through third party software. Windows Mobile offers greater flexibility and productivity, but overall it's an inferior platform compared to OSX. That said I still prefer WinMob to Blackberry or Symbian.


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