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Apple tells developers to get ready for the new App Store kids categories

Following up on the WWDC 2013, announcement of new iOS 7 kids categories for the App Store, Apple has emailed registered developers in order to help them prepare any child-friendly apps they may be submitting when it goes live. The email says, in part:

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95% of developers surveyed say they're full steam ahead on iOS 7 updates

This fall Apple will be releasing iOS 7, and with it, a whole new design language and feature set for developers to adjust to and pass along to the people using their apps. How many designers and developers plan to update, especially considering how few people seem willing to pay for updates? Hall of famer Craig Hockenberry of the Iconfactory was curious as well, so he put up a survey, and shared the results on Furbo:

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Apple tells developers most services will be restored this week

Apple has let developers know that they plan to restore most of the services still effected by the recent downtime this week. Many developer resources are already back up, with only the Member Center, Xcode automatic configuration, program enrollment and renewals, and technical support still down.

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Apple releases iOS 7 beta 4 - developers, go get it!

Apple has just released iOS 7 Beta 4 to developers. It's now available over-the-air (OTA) and on-device via Settings > General > Software Update, and should be soon as complete download via the newly restored as well.

The only public-facing information about it right now is that it contains bug fixes and improvements. iOS 7 remains under non-disclosure (NDA) as Apple prepares it for public release this fall.

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Apple Developer Center returns after an eight day outage

Apple's Developer Center has returned after a long eight days of downtime that began in response to a security threat last week. The recently launched System Status page shows that the iOS Dev Center,Mac Dev Center, and Safari Dev Center are all back up.

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Apple updates Developer Portal status, adds system status page

Apple has pushed out an update to their Developer Portal maintenance page to give developers some additional information about the current status of things in the wake of their security breach. The update announces the order in which developers can expect services and functionality to be restored.

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Apple reveals they took down Developer Center due to intrusion, completely overhauling system

Apple has sent an email out to developers addressing the reason behind the ongoing multi-day outage of their developer portal, confirming suspicions that it was the result of a security breach.

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Apple Developer Portal still down, still no end in sight

Apple's Developer Portal has been down for a while now, and if the latest notice posted on the site is any indication, it might just be down for a while still. Here's Apple's latest update:

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Google Maps SDK for iOS updated, gives developers street view and indoor maps for their app

Alongside the much anticipated update to the Google Maps application for iOS, the Maps team at Mountain View has gone ahead and pushed out a new version of the Maps SDK for iOS. This is the tool that iOS app developers need to put to work in order to incorporate Google Maps into their creations, and the latest version adds a couple of headline new features; street view and indoor maps.

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Grow Mobile launches a universal mobile app marketing platform for iOS

We don't normally cover this sort of thing here, but following up on Talk Mobile Gaming, and our discussion on how to market apps, we thought we'd take a look at closer look at third-party options. Game and app developers have a lot to consider when choosing to market their products through in-game/app advertising. Which advertising networks reach the most users? Who gives developers the best deal? If a developer decides to use multiple ad networks, tracking and comparing the results of each network becomes a time consuming task of its own.

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