Da 5star ScreenshotsSource: Yilei Yang

What you need to know

  • dA 5Star is an app designed to make the day of developers.
  • Those who receive a bad App Store review often feel down for days.
  • But this app reminds them of the 5-star reviews they also received.

Some apps are designed for everyone to use. Some are designed with a very specific audience in mind. That's the case with dA 5Star, an app that is meant to put a smile on the face of downtrodden developers. Everyone knows one. You might even be one yourself.

If you are, you need dA 5Star. The idea is a simple one. Over to developer Yilei Yang with the lowdown.

Podcasters or Apple developers: have you ever let one negative review ruin your day? Chances are, you have other more important positive 5-star reviews.

But we are humans. We are too vulnerable to the negative feedbacks. And we don't take enough advantage of the positive ones.

They're right. And this app aims to make it easier to take advantage of those positive reviews by putting them right on the developer's iOS 14 Home screen. The good feedback is always there, ready and waiting to brighten up a day. It puts a nice, warm feeling in the heart doesn't it?

You, or a recovering developer you might know, can download dA 5Star from the App Store for just $1.99 now. It isn't just for developers, either – podcasters can use it as well!

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