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App Review: Documents to Go for iPhone

Matt Miller, editor of our sibling-site NokiaExperts, got an advanced look at Documents to Go for iPhone as part of his ZDNet gig, and has already gone live with an amazingly detailed review: Review: Documents To Go raises the bar for iPhone word processing.

Matt loves the low price point, the Word editing, and Exchange support. Obviously, he misses the Excel editing support, but knows that's coming.

Check out his full review for more, including a huge screenshot gallery, and overviews on editing, syncing, and Exchange support.

Thanks Matt!

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Quick App: Documents to Go for iPhone

Documents to Go is finally -- FINALLY! -- available for the iPhone. But, it currently only supports Word editing, no Excel (though they promise it via a free update), no PowerPoint (tho. Yet, there's a higher end version that includes Exchange Attachments integration!

148apps has the details, but the short and long of it is, there are two distinct versions now available:

  • Documents to Go (Microsoft Word editing & Desktop sync) ($4.99 - iTunes link) allows you to create and edit Microsoft Word documents, view Excel, Powerpoint, iWork, PDF, and "other files" (presumably what's natively supported), and includes a 2-way Wi-Fi desktop sync utility for Mac & Windows.
  • Documents to Go with Exchange Attachments (Microsoft Word editing, Exchange attachments, & Desktop sync) ($9.99 - iTunes link) offers all the above plus the ability to receive, edit, and send Word docs, and view other docs attached to Microsoft Exchange emails (if you don't have an Exchange account, don't get this version!)

It looks like they're still using their homebrew cut, copy, and paste solution, and with iPhone 3.0 just days away, the timing is a little awkward. Any developers Documents to Go on iPhone 3.0, let us know how that works for you. (We anticipate a 3.0 happy update ASAP)

The most important question is, however, all of you waiting on Documents to Go, is this what you wanted? Worth the wait? Sound off in the comments!

Screenshots after the break!

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Documents to Go is Coming to the iPhone!

Looking for a mobile office suite for your iPhone? Almost a year ago, when the SDK was announced, Dataviz looked for iPhone users input:


blockquote>You can bet we’ll have our hands on this SDK as soon as possible. I can’t guarantee anything, but please, if you are interested in having DataViz software on your iPhone, let us know!

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