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Google readying Android gPad tablet to compete with iPad

Google CEO Eric Schmidt schmoozed some news about the next business of Apple's they're about to get all up in -- an Android-based tablet competitor for the iPad. As reported in the New York Times :

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Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt Take Coffee, Talk Shop

Gizmodo has just posted up some candids of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Google CEO Eric Schmidt taking tasty beverages together and talking shop at the Calafia in the Town and Country, Pal Alto, which is owned by former Google chef Charlie Ayers. Reportedly Jobs was overheard saying:

  • "They're going to see it all eventually so who cares how they get it."
  • "Let's go discuss this somewhere more private."

What the "it" and the "this" are precisely, we don't know. Could this be the first tender, fragile steps towards reconciliation? Was the public setting intentional?

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Apple vs. Google is Getting Personal

The New York Time has a full length feature up about the state of the Apple vs. Google rivalry and how it's getting personal. We've heard similar several times before, of course, and Apple has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Android manufacturer HTC. But the details here are interesting:

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Google CEO - Relationship with Apple "Stable, Stable"

AppleInsider reports that during Google's quarterly earnings call, CEO Eric Schmidt was asked about Google's relationship with Apple, and responded:

"I, as a former board member, have a special spot for Apple in my heart, but I will tell you Apple is a very well run company. They have a lot of very good stuff coming. We have a couple of very good partnerships with them, and we also compete with them in a couple of areas. My guess is that is a pretty stable situation for awhile."

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Apple's Steve Jobs Dislikes Google's Eric Schmidt?

Jim Goldman of CNBC claims to have a source that is giving up some goods on the whole Apple and Microsoft teaming up against Google fiasco story:

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