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Google+ updates with share extension, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support

The Google+ app has been updated with support for the resolutions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Version 4.8 also adds new features like polls and a sharing extension.

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Stories and photo filters land on Google+ update

Google has just published an update to the Google+ app on iOS that brings a better photos and sharing experience. New to the Google+ app are features that include Stories and photo filters, features that were recently made available on the Android app update.

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New and updated apps: Google+, Minion Rush, Xbox One Smartglass, and more!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It's impossible to keep up with them all, but it's not impossible to pick out the very best. Today we've got updates to UP by Jawbone, Google+, and more! Let's take a closer look...

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How to disable emailing via Google+ with Gmail

Google recently made some changes to Gmail and Google+ that lets anyone that has you on Google+ send you an email, even if they don't know your email address. While some of us may be okay with this, some of us may find it to be an invasion of privacy and quite frankly, a little creepy. Luckily, Google does give you a way to disable it. Here's how:

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Google changes Gmail: Lets you email Google+ users... even if you don't know their address

Google has just implemented a change to Google+ and Gmail that will enable you to email other Google+ users without having to know their email address. If you want to send an email to somone on Google+, but do not know their email address, simply type their name in the 'To' field in Gmail, and they'll appear as one of your Google+ Connections.

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Google+ with full-resolution photo uploads for iOS 7 now available

Google promised it, and now the update to Google+ that brings full resolution photo backups to the iPhone is live in the App Store. Full resolution videos are also supported, but only on iOS 7.

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For iPhone photographers, how will the new Google+ stack up against the rest?

A few weeks ago, Google held a press event focused around the Google+ social platform, unveiling a ton of new features and improvements. One of the big focuses was photos, backup, sharing and editing in particular, along with background sync and full-resolution uploads for the iOS application. So, potentially some big tools for iPhone photographers, but its a crowded space. Some folks might be happy enough with Photo Stream, but we're looking outside the Apple ecosystem here and considering more cross-platform solutions.

So, how well will the new Google+ stack up with your photos against three of the biggest competitors? Lets find out.

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Feedly transitioning to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress as preferred login services [updated]

Feedly, one of the more popular RSS aggregators in the post-Google Reader world, has announced a change to the way you'll soon be able to login to the service. Up until now Google OAuth has been the preferred choice, but as Google slowly moves towards a Google+ login system, Feedly is doing the same:

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Google+ for iOS to get background image sync and full resolution uploads

Announced at this mornings Google+ event, Google+ for iOS is in line to get pretty substantial update for those of us who use the service for backing up our photos. Thanks to iOS 7, Google+ will soon be able to auto sync your photos in the background, instead of needing to have the app open as is currently required.

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Apple won't let you share directly to Google+, so Google's doing something about it

As it sits now, if you want to share a photo to Google+ from your iPhone, you need to take a photo with the Camera app, leave the app, and launch Google+. There really isn't any easy way to communicate with Google apps unless it's a third party developer that's went out of their way to include support. According to the Google+ Developers Blog, Google plans on changing that with a Google+ iOS SDK for developers.

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