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Google Latitude for iPhone now in App Store

After a slight case of premature app-storification, Google Latitude for iPhone is now officially and properly available for download. Those features again:

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Google Latitude for iPhone coming soon, will let you track your friends

A native Google Latitude app for iPhone is soon to be released and should be available in an App Store shortly if it isn't already. Latitude is a service that uses location-based check-ins to let you track your friends online (with all appropriate privacy guards, of course).

UPDATE: Latitude has been pulled from the Japanese App Store. TechCrunch thinks the release might have been accidental and an official, publicized release could be coming soon. Now back to the original post already in progress...

While not the brouhaha Google Voice was, Google Latitude's absence from the App Store had been noticed. Could this mean we'll finally get a Google Maps Navigation and -- dare I say it -- native Gmail as well?

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Apple Patents Google Latitude-like Service for iPhone... with Front Facing Camera?

Did Apple reject Google Latitude from the App Store because they're getting ready to launch a similar service of their own... that also uses a front-facing camera? Maybe, maybe not, but Patently Apple found this latest application, and 9to5mac seems to think it's a possibility:

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Apple Responds to Full Disclosure of Google FCC Response

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris has sent TiPb a response to the now fully public Google FCC disclosure, which Dieter posted earlier today.

“We do not agree with all of the statements made by Google in their FCC letter. Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application and we continue to discuss it with Google.”

So it's either Apple-said/Google-said, some broken-telephone (the irony!) between the two companies, or a mix of both?

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Google Says Apple Did Fully Reject Google Voice

In a post on their official blog, Google has let the world know that, "in the interest of transparency," they're allowing the FCC to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request to fully publish their response about the whole Google Voice Rejection Brouhaha, and it's an interesting read, to say the least. You can grab the PDF of the letter right here.

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Google Finally Provides Latitude to iPhone Users -- Yeah, it's a WebApp

Google Latitude -- the service that either allows you to keep track of your friends or be stalked by stalking stalker types, depending on your point of view -- is finally available for the iPhone and iPod touch. No, it's not built into Google Maps as part of iPhone 3.1 with push update capability. No, it's not built into Google Mobile app. No, it's not even set up as an iPhone app in and of itself.

Google Latitude is a WebApp and it runs in Mobile Safari using the iPhone 3.0 geoLocation feature.

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Blurry Cam Alert! Is This a Sneak Peek at Google Latitude for the iPhone?

Google recently announced their Latitude service, which lets you and your friends share your location, and while they've made it available to some platforms, the iPhone version hasn't surfaced yet... Or has it?

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Google Latitude to Let the iPhone Track You and Your Friends...!

The official Google Blog has announced that its location-based Latitude service is on it's way:

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