Which social networks do you use? [Poll]

Which social networks do you use?

You can find me @reneritchie most of the time. That's because the social network I use most is Twitter. I use it on my iPhone on the go, on my Mac while I'm working, and on my iPad while I'm reading or browsing. I use it to follow a few people I know and a lot of people in my industry. I seldom look at RSS anymore. To find out what's going on, I use Twitter. To keep in touch with real-life family and friends, and a few other people in the industry who prefer it, I use Facebook on the iPhone or the web. I use Instagram as well — also @reneritchie — from my iPhone, and sometimes share to Twitter and Facebook from there. And... that's about it. Only not really. Let me explain...

I do use Facebook but I don't put a lot of personal information there. I don't store a lot of photos, I don't check in, and don't do anything much at all but share the occasional story, and like and comment on the occasional post or link. That's more than I do on LinkedIn though. Mostly because I can't find anything else to do on LinkedIn. Likewise Pinterest.

Google+ I use because Google's bundled Hangouts there and that's our office video conferencing tool and what we use for our podcasts. Otherwise, I share the occasional story there too, and the occasional +1 or comment, and I keep up with my Google- and Android-invested friends. Like LinkedIn, however, I'm hard pressed to find anything else much to do there. And... that's about it. Seriously this time. Kinda.

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How to follow iMore on Google+!

One of the biggest advantages of being an iPhone, iPad, or Mac owner is being able to use pretty much every major service from pretty much every major company, including Google's social network, Google+. With full resolution photos, no strict character count, and built-in events and Hangouts video conferencing, there's a lot to recommend. What really puts it over the top, however, is that iMore's there for you as well! All our news, all our reviews, all our how-tos, all up in your Plus!

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Google apologizes for outage, claims what we had was a failure to configurate...

Google services like Gmail, Calendar, Google+, and pretty much anything and everything that required a login was down for a while today, and it turns out the reason for it all was a bum configuration file that got accidentally, devastatingly pushed live. Ben Treynor, VP Engineering at Google:

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iOS 7 vs. Instagram vs. Google+ vs. Twitter: Black & White photo filter comparison

I recently previewed the new Camera app Apple will be releasing alongside iOS 7 this fall, and one of the things that stood out for me the most was not so much the inclusion of built-in photo filters - everyone seems to be adding those these days - but the subtly and restraint shown in which filters Apple chose to include. Not only aren't there any tilt-shifts, frames, borders, or vignettes, but there's nothing overly aggressive about Apple's selection in any way. How does that compare to current king of photo sharing, Instagram, and to the other big social photo sharing services, Google+ and Twitter?

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An inside look at Apple Anonymous and retail employee attempts to be both secret and social

Even outside Cupertino, in the massive retail division of Apple, secrecy is a deeply held value. Yet people are, by nature, social animals, and platforms like Twitter and even Google+, filled with friends and family, are in many cases just too big to ignore. Some simply draw up a firewall, never mentioning anything not already public knowledge about their employer or their employment, and focusing on the non-Apple aspects of their lives. Others, however, want to use places like Twitter as a way to blow off company steam -- as a place to bitch about their jobs. Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac has taken a look at that side of the Apple/Twitter equation:

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Google+ for iOS updated with communities, profile editing, better event handling, and more

Google has just updated their Google+ social networking app for iOS to version 4.0, and among the new and improved features is support for Google+ Communities, the ability to set timezones and indicate guest numbers in events, profile editing, a new compose interface, and a new design for visual stream.

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Google+ app updated to include support for iPhone 5, now allows page owners better control

If you're upset with Twitter, haven't joined ADN, are tired of Facebook or just prefer Google+ over everything else then you'll be pleased to know the folks in Mountain View, California have finally rolled out the latest update to their Google+ iOS app.

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Google+ for iPad review

After what felt like an eternity for many users, Google has updated their social networking app Google+ to include native iPad support. It features a side-scrolling stream and lots of gestures to interact with content. The content on your stream is also styled based on popularity, type and orientation. The iPhone version of Google+ also now includes the ability to create and manage Google+ events.

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Beta Google+ SDK now available for iOS app developers

Soon Flipboard won't be the only app to plug into Google+; Google has recently opened up an early preview to their social network's SDK for mobile developers. With these APIs, developers will be able to implement sign-up and sign-in with Google+, share and +1 buttons, and add social elements such as profiles, posts and comments.

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Flipboard to start pulling in Google+ content

Flipboard, the hugely popular social reader app for iOS, will be among the first to feature integration with Google's social network, Google+. Google's VP of Product Management recently revealed in an interview that Flipboard will soon be able to pull in stories shared by friends on Google+, much as the app can already for Facebook and Twitter. This is a big deal because Google has been taking their sweet time opening up a developer API to their fledgling social network.

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