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Intel to reportedly supply LTE modem for a 'special version' of next-generation iPhone

After siding with Qualcomm's LTE modems for the last few years, it looks like Apple may be opting to use Intel's latest LTE Category 10 modem on select iPhones in 2016.

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Intel's CFO says Macs would 'take a big step off performance' if they used another chip

Still coping with persistent rumors about Apple prototyping ARM-based Mac, Intel's chief financial officer, Stacy Smith reaffirmed the company's position that Apple would take a big performance hit if they moved away from Intel's chips.

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Intel CEO reaffirms relationship with Apple in face of ARM rumors

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has spoken about his company's relationship with Apple, following rumors that Apple will be moving away from Intel processors in its Mac lines in favor of internally-developed, ARM-based chips. Kraznich said that Intel continues to enjoy a strong relationship with Apple, and that no discussions of this sort had taken place between the two companies. He also noted that Apple would use the supplier that benefited them most, saying to CNBC:

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Regarding ARM-based Macs...again

An analyst report making the rounds today suggests that Apple will get ARM-based Macs into production sometime next year. Forgive me if I yawn a bit, but this is nothing new. Last year, Rene wrote an editorial about a previous ARM Mac rumor too. According the new rumor, propagated by KGI Research, Apple will get into production a Mac using a future version of the same ARM CPU hardware it already manufactures for the iPhone and iPad. The report suggests that Apple would build a low-end machine based on this hardware, leaving Intel to provide faster chips for the rest of the Mac line, at least for now.

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Intel launches 5th-generation 'Broadwell' processors

Intel has just announced its 5th generation Intel Core processors, also known as Broadwell, at CES 2015. The new chips are 37% smaller than the previous generation, using Intel's new 14nm process. Intel emphasizes the performance gains in Broadwell, especially battery life improvements. Intel says that battery life could improve by as much as 1.5 hours. The chips also enable faster wake times and improved graphics performance.

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Computers based on new Intel chips coming this holiday season - including Macs?

Intel says Broadwell-based computers will ship in time for the holidays. Is a Mac among them?

Intel offered details Monday about the rollout of their next generation of Core processors. Intel says that the first computers based on its "Broadwell" processor will be out in time for the holiday season. What is the likelihood Macs will be among them?

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Is Intel doomed on the Mac?

With apologies to Mark Twain, the reports of Intel's death on the Mac are greatly exaggerated

Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée recently offered his opinion on the future of the Mac. In his blog post Macintel: The End Is Nigh, Gassée predicts the imminent demise of Intel-based Macs. Is he right?

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Intel and Samsung teaming up for lower-cost 4K monitors

4K monitors could be about to get a whole lot less expensive as Intel has announced a partnership with Samsung to produce units retailing this year for $399. Currently pairing up your Mac with a 4K monitor can be an expensive business with prices stretching into the thousands. But at Computex, in Taiwan, the collaboration with Samsung was announced to bring the cost of panels down by half.

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Intel's newly announced Core M processors will pave the way for thinner MacBooks

Intel today announced a new family of Core M "Broadwell" processors that will help make hardware even thinner. The MacBook Air is already pretty darn thin — the thinnest Mac available, in fact — but the design hasn't seen a substantial update since 2010. That's a long time, long enough for Apple's Windows-based competitors to develop so-called ultrabooks that are able to compete handily on specs, portability, and battery life. The MacBook Air has improved a lot since the 2010 redesign, yes, but we've been looking forward to the release of Broadwell, which has promised to cut down on unnecessary space taken up by cooling solutions without compromising on power and the next-gen Core M chips will further help manufacturers.

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Intel's next-generation Broadwell processors due by the holidays — faster and longer lasting Macs are coming

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is promising that their next generation Broadwell CPUs will be in computers in time for this year's holiday season. The processors, which were pushed back late last year, promise to bring increased efficiency and power over the already impressive efficiency of the Haswell chips in modern Macs.

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