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That header image. I just wanted to make this entire post be that image and a headline. But I'm told I have to put some words around it so here we are.

Today saw the revelation that Intel is running a ton of new YouTube ads where it tries to convince us all that it's still winning at life. That despite Apple silicon destroying its chips in benchmarks time and again. This after a run of Twitter ads that also tried to convince us that Intel isn't worried about Apple silicon.

That after Intel also had some influencers run YouTube videos where, yes, it tried to convince people that Apple's new M1-powered Macs suck.

And that. All of that. It all comes after years of Intel not being able to stick to its own CPU roadmap. Years of Intel having to hold back Mac refreshes because Intel couldn't get its ducks in a row. Years of portable Macs suffering with overheating issues. Power consumption issues.

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Intel issues, if you will.

Now, we're in the middle of Apple's transition away from Intel and towards its own chips and so far, so blazingly fast and cool. M1 chips are pretty stunning in the way they go about their business and Intel knows that. So it's going all guns blazing at anyone who is unfortunate enough to get caught up in its messy breakup with Apple. And boy is it getting old.

Intel must surely know at this point that Intel isn't coming back. Intel ripped apart the Apple–IBM partnership when PowerPC couldn't compete anymore. It took a long, long time, but history is repeating itself and Apple silicon has taken over after Intel's x86 chips couldn't do what Apple needed them to do. And that, after all is said and done, is on Intel.

Maybe it should cut the marketing budget a tad and work out why TSMC is whipping its rear in the world of chipmaking right now.