Intel Go Pc Justin LongSource: MacRumors

What you need to know

  • Intel has launched a new 'PC vs. Mac' website.
  • The site is heavily biased towards the benefits of Windows and PC over macOS and the Mac.

As part of its attack ad campaign Apple's new M1 processor, Intel has launched a new 'PC vs. Mac' website that cherrypicks its way into convincing visitors that a PC outshines the Mac.

Spotted by MacRumors, the new website attempts to point out flaws with both the M1 chip as well as macOS as an operating system.

Intel's website says that Apple's M1 Mac benchmarks don't "translate to real-world usage" and that when compared to PCs with 11th-Generation Intel chips, M1 MacBook features "just don't stack up."

The website tries to make the argument that "PC offers users a choice, something that users don't get with a Mac."

Intel positions PCs as more "personalized" to fit a user's "specific hardware and software needs," while the M1 Macs offer "limited" device support, games, and creation applications. "The bottom line is a PC offers users a choice, something that users don't get with a Mac," reads the website.

Intel Pc Vs MacSource: MacRumors

The site goes on to point out that there are fully touchscreen PCs while lambasting the Mac for the Touch Bar.

PCs offer a "complete touch screen" instead of the "constrained Mac Touch Bar," along with "2 for 1 Form Factor options" while Apple makes customers pay for "multiple devices and gear." The website highlights specific software like AI-based content creation tools from Topaz Labs that are allegedly faster on 11th-generation Intel Core chips, and faster Chrome performance.

The new website is part of a new campaign from Intel in its attempts to regain footing after Apple shocked the processing world with its new M1 chip for the Mac. The company has recruited Justin Long, the actor who played the Mac guy in the old Mac vs PC ads for Apple, to now try and sway customers the opposite way.

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It's unclear how the campaign will go, especially as the company is struggling to catch up to not only Apple but AMD in terms of processing technology.