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On iOS 6 bugs and app compatibility (or, please don't be a jerk)

iOS 6 is currently in closed beta, not general release. While Apple provides it to anyone with $99, and there will no doubt be all manner of leaks minor and major, there's something incredibly important to keep in mind -- please don't be a jerk about it.

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Siri isn't just a Google killer, it's a potential gold mine

Last year, after Apple announced Siri, I wrote about it's long term, potentially game-changing business implications for Apple. Specifically, how Siri wasn't a voice control system, but a powerful, Pixar-coated way For Apple to both intermediate and starve their biggest rival, Google, and gain the most valuable data in modern business -- customer insight.

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Phil Schiller comments on App Store discoverability

In a recent interview at WWDC, Apple's VP of Marketing Phil Schiller commented on criticism that it's hard to get noticed in the App Store. "The opportunity is the best it has ever been for software developers... Every other day you hear about another app going off the charts. You can still get discovered and get a hit overnight."

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The big list of iOS 6 features

At WWDC, Apple proclaimed iOS 6 would introduce over 200 new features when released this fall, and that what we saw yesterday was just a small sampling. We've got plenty of posts going over the big features, but there are also a handful of slides that were positively riddled with features that they just didn't have time to go over.

Additionally, there were lots of smaller features that either just got a passing mention, were folded into some of the talk about OS X, or weren't referenced at all. That said, let's tear apart the keynote address (which was recently made available in HD on iTunes, by the way) and pick out every teeny tiny iOS 6 feature we can.

We're going to keep a running tally here, and update it as more information becomes available, so check back often!

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What iOS 6 means for gaming

Gaming got a bit of a spotlight at yesterday's WWDC keynote, and though Apple spent just as much of the show talking about Mac as it did iOS, there are a lot of big implications for mobile.

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What do you think about iOS 6? [Poll]

Is it a great iOS update, or the greatest iOS update? Or did Apple miss the board entirely? iOS 5 was massive and gave us a ton of previously missing features. Did iOS 6 do the same? Did it need to?

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iPhone & iPad Live 298: WWDC Keynote and iOS 6

Audio-only podcast this week, as we lacked sufficient bandwidth and camera setup to go video. But that didn't stop Rene, Leanna, Seth, and special guest Justin Marcucci of Nickelfish discussing the WWDC 2012 Keynote and everything iOS 6. This is iPhone & iPad Live!

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WWDC 2012 and iOS 6: What we didn't get

Expectations were high for the iOS 6 announcement at WWDC today, and most of them were met, but there is a lot of stuff that we're still waiting on. Rene has blown through a ton of features on competing smartphone platforms that could find a home on iOS. Even though some of those areas are seeing improvement in iOS 6, it might not be enough for everyone. So, what did we not get from the WWDC keynote?

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iOS 6 roundup: Maps, Facebook integration, Passbook, Siri enhancements, and more

If you missed any of our WWDC 2012 coverage and what iOS 6 will bring with it this Fall, here's your chance to catch up on everything we've covered when it comes to Apple's next iteration of iOS.

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iOS 6 and what it means for jailbreak

Another WWDC keynote has come and gone and with it we've gotten to take a look at what iOS 6 will have to offer iOS users this Fall. If you jailbreak you may already be wondering what iOS 6 will mean for you.

We've been jailbreaking our iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches for years in order to get ahold of certain features that Apple just couldn't or didn't want to give us yet. Every year and with each new iteration of iOS Apple closes that gap. This year was no exception and Apple did give us a few things that we previously could only achieve via jailbreak like FaceTime over the network. But is what we got enough? Will iOS 6 leave just as much of a need to jailbreak?

I think so and here's why.

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