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WWDC 2012 Keynote liveblog

iMore will be LIVE at the WWDC Keynote, bringing you back all the iOS 6, iCloud, and Mac action! Apple WILL NOT be streaming the event, but we'll bring you up-to-the minute photos and play-by-play of all the action, along with commentary and analysis.

Keep your browsers locked here!

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iOS 6 beta links leaked, original iPad not supported

Links for [iOS 6 beta](have been found online ahead of the expected official announcement tomorrow at WWDC. While the links aren't yet active, it gives us an idea of what iOS devices will be supported and it looks like Apple may be dropping support for the original iPad.

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What will Apple release at WWDC 2012? [Poll]

The banners are already up for iOS 6, but will we get a first beta on keynote day, or will Apple make us wait a while? What about OS X Mountain Lion, will it go Gold Master? We've heard about new iCloud features, will it be just a few little additions or a full 2.0 update? The Apple TV runs iOS, but is it ready to get an App Store all its own? And are new Macs, maybe with iOS-style Retina displays going to be the one more thing?

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iOS 6 banners start going up at Moscone Center in preparation for WWDC

We're about as ready as we'll ever be for WWDC next week, and though the announcement of iOS 6 was actually little more than a safe bet so far, banners at the Moscone Center confirm that Apple will be announcing their next-generation mobile operating system next week. It's being labeled as "the world's most advanced mobile operating system" and comes along with a new fingerprint-styled icon.

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iOS 6: Setting Apple Maps expectations

Maps are core technology on a smartphone these days. We depend on our phones to make calls and otherwise keep us in contact, and we depend on them to tell us where we are and help us find where were are going. We depend on them. Messing with a successful mapping solution on mobile, in any way, is non-trivial.

As Android Central's Phil Nickinson has often remarked -- maps could well be Google's flagship product. (AdSense/AdWords may be their most important, but nothing else comes close to the sheer user-facing coolness of Maps.) As 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman mentioned after Google's own map event yesterday, Google has devoted years to building out and developing their Maps service.

How will Apple replace all that in iOS 6?

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iPhone & iPad Live 297: WWDC Preview and App Store speculation

Georgia, Seth, Rene, and App Cubby's David Barnard discuss the state of the App Store, whether the iPhone and iPad's tremendous success hides serious problems, and what Apple can do to help customers, developers, and themselves in iOS 6. This is iPhone & iPad Live!

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The multi-billion dollar balancing act

As much as what Apple may or may not do with iOS 6 will dictate the iPhone and iPad user experience for the next year, what Apple does or does not do with the App Store will help determine the continued and future viability of the platform itself.

That's because iOS is only one part of Apple's incredibly successful mobile equation. The App Store -- the development kit, commerce engine, and digital goods that enable apps to be made, sold, and bought -- is another.

And arguably, despite it's unprecedented success, it's in ever greater need of Apple's attention.

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More on Apple ditching Google for iOS maps

Rumors have been spreading for a while now that Apple would use iOS 6 to replace the Google mapping data in the Maps app with Apple's own solution. About a month ago iMore told you why -- to start removing Google's hooks in iOS and the information and revenue they generate from iOS users.

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iOS 6 rumored to bring Siri to iPad

If you've been waiting for Siri on the iPad as much as we have, you'll be happy to hear that Apple's voice-activated virtual assistant should make its way to the iPad at the expected iOS 6 announcement at WWDC 2012 this week.

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iOS 6 rumored to include 'Do Not Disturb' toggle for Notification Center, other goodies

iOS 6 is rumored to include a "do not disturb" switch for Notification Center, iCloud Tabs, and e-mail VIPs.

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