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iOS 6: A fresh coat of paint

Sometimes you break out the sledge hammer. Sometimes you knock down the walls and rebuild from scratch. Palm did that. Microsoft did that. RIM is doing that. Other times you pick up a brush and slap a coat of paint on the walls, and the place suddenly looks good as new. (And yes, there's a trompe-l'oeil to skeuomorphism joke in there that I'm going to gingerly avoid.)

As much as we've explored the idea of new iOS Home screen interfaces, and what potential a 4-inch, 16:9 iPhone screen may allow, we've also been hearing for a while now that renovation may not be on the agenda this year. For iOS 6, what we might be getting is more like a coat of really good paint.

But which colors will they use?

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iOS 6 rumored to debut Facebook integration

Apple may be setting its status to "in a relationship with" Facebook, if new rumors pan out. Apparently iOS 6 will feature Facebook integration similar to what we've seen with Twitter in iOS 5, like being one of the default Share To options, but there's also the possibility that Facebook account integration could enable even easier single sign-on for multiple apps.

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iOS 6: Higher hanging fruit

What will Apple bring to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 6? What will be the "tentpole" features to take Apple's mobile software into 2013? With WWDC 2012 coming in just over a week, and an iOS 6 beta widely expected to come with it, now's the perfect time to take a look and see what makes sense.

We've already seen some of what is likely coming in iOS 6, including a new version of the Maps app that replaces Google data with Apple data. It wouldn't surprise us in the least if it brings turn-by-turn navigation with it either, by way of Siri...

But what else could Apple bring with iOS 6?

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Rumored details on iPhone 5 processor chip, GPU, other under-the-hood hardware

A recent leak of an iOS 6 beta which is expected to launch next week at WWDC has revealed some interesting info about the upcoming iPhone 5. We've already seen plenty of what the exterior hardware will look like, but on the inside, we can expect a Samsung 5L8950X ARM processor that is internally branded as the A5-***. 

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iPhone & iPad Live 296: iOS 6 and Apple TV apps speculation

Rene, Seth, and App Cubby's David Barnard start previewing WWDC 2012 and end up doing an deep dive in iOS 6 and how Apple could address app switching, inter-app communications, the Home screen, gestures, contact and social profiles, and more. And then talk Apple TV apps. This is iPhone & iPad Live!

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iOS 6 Maps app caught on blurry cropped cam, mocked-up

We had heard rumors that Apple would be bumping Google data from the Maps app in iOS 6, and a possible reason why, and now we've reached the next stage in the long road of rumors -- the blurry, highly cropped camera spy shot.

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iOS 6: Is it time for Apple to revamp the multitasking fast app switcher?

At Macworld 2007 Steve Jobs showed off mobile Safari's Page switching interface, but despite the operating system as a whole crying out for similar treatment, to this day Pages haven't expanded beyond Safari. At the iOS 4 event in the spring of 2010, the iPhone added limited 3rd party multitasking and a fast app switcher interface, but rather than Pages or even an Exposé-esque grid interface, it locked to the Dock.

And as far as showing currently open apps, making those apps as visually distinguishable as possible, and making them as fast as possible to switch between, that's where iOS has remained. Even on the iPad's far larger screen.

Is it time for something more?

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iPhone & iPad Live 294: 7-inch iPad, 4-inch iPhone, iOS 6 Maps

Georgia, Seth, and Rene discuss all the latest Apple rumors, including the 7-inch iPad, 4-inch iPhone, iOS 6 Maps, and Apple wanting to hurt Google in the wallet. Also, free iPad games, Sparrow push, Chrome for iOS, and the pro stylus shootout!

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Jailbreak concepts Apple should implement in iOS 6

Another year has gone by and with it has come a wealth of jailbreak apps, hacks, and tweaks that we here at iMore hope to see end up in iOS 6. We had a similar jailbreak to iOS want list before iOS 5 was released and luckily a lot of the things we really wanted, Apple delivered or at least touched on. Here's what we hope to see surface in iOS 6 that jailbreakers have access to right now.

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