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Apple retail employees reportedly taking to the streets to help fix iOS 6 Maps

Apple may be turning to its retail employees to improve its new Maps app for iOS 6. Retail store employees are being asked to, on a volunteer basis, examine the mapping data for their area and submit corrections and improvements to Apple. Stores participating in the initiative will give 40 hours of staff time per week, which will be distributed across several employees.

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Regarding Passbook

I joked today that Passbook was this year's Newsstand. I meant that on several levels. First, it's an app that people seem to be struggling to use. Second, it's an app that depends on being fed content that's out of Apple's control. Third, because of those two factors, it's an app that could have done with some better hand-holding and partnership placements at launch.

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How to set a song as your alarm tone in iOS 6

One of iOS 6's hidden gems is the ability to use a song from your music library as an alarm to wake you up. Before iOS 6 was released, you could only use ringtones or one of the default alarm tones as your wakeup call, which was less than thrilling, but now you can set anything in the Music app to jolt you up out of bed. Progress!

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Instagram and Google Chrome get updated for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5

Instagram and Google Chrome have finally received updates for compatibility with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5’s larger 4-inch screen. When we say finally, it’s funny as the iPhone 5 has only been out for less than a week but it seems like if your app is not updated on the day of launch then it’s already late to the party.

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How's your battery life on iOS 6 and iPhone 5?

How's your battery life on the iPhone 5? How's your battery life on iOS 6?

Whether you bought a brand new iPhone 5 or you upgraded an existing device to iOS 6, one of the first concerns everyone has is battery life. Is it better? Is it worse? Is it the same? A new device or new version of iOS typically does more than the last one, and because it's new, we typically use it more, at least in the beginning. Problems with backups, with push, with location services, with apps that don't shut down properly all also seem more common as everyone, from Apple to developers, gets used to the new hardware and software.

I already published my traditional list of battery life trouble shooting tips, so if you're having problems check those out and see if they help.

Then let me know -- how is your battery life on your new iPhone 5, or your newly updated iOS 6 device? Vote up top and give me the details in the comments below!

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Apple announces 5 million in sales for iPhone 5, 100 million in updates for iOS 6

Apple has just announced their sales figures for the iPhone 5 and once again they don't fail to impress -- 5 million in the 3 days since September 21. Apple also announced that 100 million iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads have updated to iOS 6 since it was released on September 19.

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Starbucks to add Passbook support to its app by the end of the month

If you have updated to iOS 6 and were hoping to find a raft of apps that used Apple’s new Passbook app then you were in for a bit of a disappointment. As ever with apps that rely on third parties to populate them, it takes time when they are first released. Thankfully, Starbucks is going to have its app updated to support passbook by the end of this month, the news comes from Starbucks official Twitter account.

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How to fix battery life issues with iOS 6 or iPhone 5

UPDATE: iOS 7, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have shipped, so we've made a new version of this article:

Every time Apple releases a new version of iOS or a new iPhone, it seems battery life becomes an issue. On the positive side, that also means we're getting really good at troubleshooting it and helping everyone get back to good battery life. If your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad on iOS 6 suddenly losing charge far too fast, or if your brand new iPhone 5 is draining before your eyes, here are some things you can try.

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iOS 6 in 6 minutes

If you don't have time to read our definitive iOS 6 review but you still want to see all the highlights -- Maps, Siri extensions, Passbook, Guided Access, Shared Photo Streams, and more -- then here's everything you need to know about iOS 6 in just 6 minutes.

iOS 6 includes 10 major and, according to Apple, 200 new user features overall. It may not be as audacious as iPhone OS 2 was with the App Store, or iOS 5 was with iCloud, and Maps may cause some pain for some users for some time, but it does set the foundation for Apple's platform going forward.

To find out much, much more, head on over to our iOS 6 review.

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iMore show 314: iOS 6 review + iPhone 5 buyers guide

Rene and Seth review iOS 6 maps, Siri extensions, Passbook, and Guided Access, and go over the iPhone 5 buyers guide, including color, capacity, carrier, and more. This is the iMore show!

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