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PSA: Don't leave negative reviews for non-widescreen apps -- developers are updating as fast as they can!

At some point today, many of us will be tearing open our just-arrived Fedex or UPS packages, or rushing out of the Apple Store or other retailer, unboxing our brand new iPhones -- the iPhone 5 -- restoring them from iCloud, and launching our favorite App Store apps and games... only to see some with letter- and pillar-boxes.

Of course, a ton of really popular apps have already been updated and will be ready to go a launch. But other will take some time. So, before anyone jumps into comments or forums, or takes to Twitter,, or Facebook -- or even thinks about leaving a bad App Store review -- to voice their frustrations over the lack of instant updates, there are a few realities to take into account, and some expectations that need to be properly set.

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iOS 6 will be good for Apple... eventually

Apple’s iOS 6 is now out, and if you've read iMore's detailed iOS 6 review you've already seen people complaining about the new Maps app. Whether it be incorrect data or simply a slew of features that are missing compared to the old, Google-powered Maps app.

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Maps in iOS 6 facing user complaints, Apple says it will get better

Apple's recently released Maps app that replaces Google maps in iOS 6 has gotten quite a bit of criticism in the 24 hours since it was released. Apple recently responded to these claims stating that "it will get better".

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How to add a location or report a problem in iOS 6 Maps

With iOS 6 Apple has rebuilt the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Maps app from the ground-up. They've also switched away from exclusively using Google data to using data from TomTom and others. However, like any new endeavor there will be problems, frustrations, and straight up errors and omissions that need to be fixed. In iOS 6 Maps, Apple has provided a way to do just that.

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How to put your iPad into "Guest User" mode with Guided Access

The iPad is a fantastic, big screen devices with a great web browser and amazing games, and anyone who sees it is likely going to want to borrow it to use or just to try out. If you need to lend your iPad, however, all your personal content, messages, email, etc. get lent out with it. And that cause problems because unlike traditional computers, the iPad doesn't support multiple accounts, or even a restricted "Guest User" mode.

But with iOS 6, you can use the brand new Guided Access mode (or single-app mode) to simulate it.

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State of the jailbreak: iOS 6, iPhone 5, and more

If you're a jailbreaker trying to weigh the benefits of updating to iOS 6 versus staying on iOS 5.1.1 and keeping your jailbreak, we can help you make that decision. Do the features of iOS 6 bring enough to the table to make you hang up your jailbreak, at least for now?

While it'll come down to personal preference and what functionality you just can't live without, follow along and we'll give you a rundown of your options.

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iOS 6 bugs: What problems are you having? Wi-Fi? Passbook? Apps? Media?

So iOS 6 is here -- and you really have to read our epic iOS 6 review! -- and that means, just like any brand new release, bugs are here with it. Some of you can't install, some can't get to the App Store, some can't get Passbook working, some are having Wi-Fi issues, some aren't able to sync media, music, photos, tones, or more, and the list goes on and on.

We're trouble shooting over in the iOS 6 Forum so if you want to work on it with us, jump on in, tell us your problem, tell us what you've tried, and tell us what's worked and what hasn't so far.

What Apple did not squash, iMore shall crowd source out! So get with the complaining, and the helping!

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iOS 6 review

iOS 6 is a software update divided against itself. Apple claims over 200 new user-facing features, which is the same if not more than previous versions of iOS. Many of these are good and solid, reducing the friction and increasing the functionality of iOS, and delightfully so. But a lot of it them are also about Apple and the future of their platform.

In that regard, iOS 6 is nowhere near as audacious as iOS 2, which brought the App Store, or iOS 5, which cut the iTunes cord, took us to the iCloud, and brought Siri along for the ride. It doesn't remove user and developer pain points the way iOS 3 did with cut/copy/paste or iOS 4 did with multitasking. iOS 6 is more of a soft-reset and a way to set the stage for iterations to come. It strips Google almost completely out of iOS and introduces an all-new Maps app and increased Siri intermediation. It introduces Passbook, which isn't a digital wallet, but does provide a single repository for tickets and balances, and starts to make mobile transactions convenient and comfortable. It abstracts and outsources sharing with new Facebook and enhanced Twitter integration, so Apple no longer has to worry about creating awkward new networks of their own. And it increases support for China, which has become a hugely important market for Apple.

But if iOS 6 is about Apple and the future, what does that mean for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users today? Is there still enough here, individually and in sum, to make it a compelling and competitive update?

Let's find out...

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Apple releases iOS 6 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Ladies and gentlemen, start your updates! As promised, Apple has just put iOS 6 in general release.

Here's our MASSIVE review:

Let us know if you're updating OTA, or doing a clean install over iTunes, how long the download looks like it's going to take, and most importantly -- when you're up and running iOS 6!

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How to manually update to iOS 6 over-the-air (OTA)

iOS 6 is here -- read our complete iOS 6 review! -- and if you're itching to get your hands on it but your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch isn't yet alerting you that it's available, you can manually update over-the-air.

Follow along and we'll show you how!

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