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David Barnard of App Cubby talks Retina Macs, iOS 6, and more at WWDC 2012

We grabbed App Cubby honcho and Gas Cubby, Launch Center, and Timers visionary, David Barnard right after the WWDC keynote to get his thoughts on Retina MacBook Pros and iOS 6... then we grabbed him the next day to reshoot the whole thing with better audio. (He's a champ like that.) David did an excellent job intuiting Apple's path to Retina, and he elaborates on that here. Also, David dives into iOS 6 -- what it tells us about Apple, and what it means for developers.

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iOS 6 and the curious choice of the colorful new status bar

Ahead of WWDC 2012 rumor had it Apple was considering a fresh coat of paint for the default iPhone interface elements (UIWebKit). Now that iOS 6 has been introduced, instead of a new, unifying silver, like Snow Leopard did for OS X, we've gotten several new looks, and a newly tinted status bar to go along with them.

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iOS 6 and why we got Passbook instead of

At WWDC 2012, Apple Senior Vice President of iOS, Scott Forstall, did NOT announce the following:

Next up is a brand new app we're calling Files

Now Files is:

The simplest way to get all of your documents in one place

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Editor's Desk: WWDC 2012 aftermath

WWDC, Apple's once-yearly platform keynote, and the biggest gathering of Mac and iOS developers on the planet, is over. Tim Cook has welcomed us and bid us adieu. Phil Schiller has shown us the most advanced laptops in the world. Again. Craig Federighi gave us a first and final tour of OS X Mountain Lion, and Scott Forstall pulled the curtain back on iOS 6. A lot of numbers got thrown around, and that was for the sessions even began.

But let's tackle things in order...

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Podcast app, Power Nap, and how the future of iOS will be automated

One of the more intriguing aspects of both iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion is the way in which Apple is further enabling intelligent background activity when iPhones, iPads, and Macs are otherwise "asleep".

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Regarding iOS 6 Maps and Apple handing off transit directions to apps

Before Apple unveiled the new iOS 6 Maps app at WWDC 2012, I wrote a post trying to help offset the hype and hopefully better set expectations. It seemed unlikely Apple could simply swap out Google maps data, add new features, and still keep all the original ones intact.

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3D buildings in iOS 6 maps ported to iPhone 3GS, still no love for turn-by-turn directions

A few features introduced in iOS 6 won't be finding their way to older Apple devices, but some devs playing around with the beta release managed to get the new 3D maps working on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

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Iterate 23: WWDC 2012 round table

WWDC 2012 dissected by design, The impact of Retina MacBooks and the design decisions in iOS 6. With Seth Clifford from Nickelfish, Marc Edwards from Bjango, Brad Ellis from Pacific Helm, Rene Ritchie from and Dave Wiskus from Black Pixel. (Apologies for audio issues -- this was gorilla podcasting!)

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iOS 7 wants: Siri access via Spotlight

Apple greatly expanded Siri in iOS 6, adding a host of new features including sports, movies, and dining results, far better language support, and even an Eyes Free driving mode for when hands-free usage is paramount.

But what about Voice Free? Having a conversation with your iPhone or (soon) iPad is something straight out of science fiction. But voice isn't always the best or most appropriate way to query data, and sometimes it's not even possible.

Apple could address a lot of problems by allowing text queries into Siri via the existing Spotlight interface.

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