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Iphone 3g

USB: 3G iPhone to Launch Q3 2008?

In the always entertaining game of analyst hot potato, Apple Insider brings word from global equity research analyst Nicolas Gaudois who writes that his checks agree with their Apple analyst, Ben Reitzesa's checks, that a 3G HSDPA "will be released by mid-year".

According to Gaudois, current iPhone chip supplier Infineon, in anticipation of the switch, is ramping down production of 2.5G Edge basebands.

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Random iPhone 3G Rumors

There are a lot of rumors floating around that various carriers will get the 3G iPhone. Telefonica is one of the carriers usually named, Vodafone is usually the other. The rumors lately indicate that the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 3G, will be available in May.

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iPhone Australia: Telstra Talks

Apple is reportedly in talks with Telstra about providing the iPhone in Australia. Sol Trujillo, Telstra CEO, confirmed that Apple and Telstra had discussed the move, but that nothing had been confirmed.

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Apple iPhone on Intel?

figure 1: a mockup of a device on Intel's Moorestown chip

The Apple iPhone is currently based off the ARM processor platform, but they are reportedly considering a switch to Intel in 2009. Some sites are expanding that news as justification for no 3rd party development, but I don't buy it. And why not? Because a web widget -- the simplest form of native 3rd party development -- can be written in processor-agnostic fashion. Indeed, most of them would.

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