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Install Android on iPhone using Bootlace [Jailbreak]

If you are a fan of some of the features the Android O/S has to offer and currently have a jailbroken iPhone then you will be very happy to know that Bootlace v2.1 will now allow you to install Android on your device without even hooking up to your computer.

According to Twitter user @cpich3g:

Bootlace 2.1 Released, Installs OpeniBoot from userland! - http://bit.ly/a8ELoV Congrats to @nidawson @bluerisEN @nickpack

If you are unaware of what OpeniBoot or even Bootlace are here is a quick explanation:

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iOS 4.2 is coming! Jailbreak Update!

iPhone Dev team posted a quick reminder for all jailbreakers and unlockers as iOS 4.2 release is imminent:

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TinyUmbrella update (4.1.13) allows iOS 4.2b3 SHSH blobs to be saved.

Semaphore has updated TinyUmbrella (4.1.13) to allow for the saving of iOS 4.2b3 SHSH blobs for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. This is the first time SHSH blobs are being saved for a beta release and the significance is as of yet unknown, but semaphore tweeted that it might be used to assist the untethering of future jailbreaks. Since the release of iOS 4.2 is imminent, iOS 4.2b3 signatures will not be available for long.

You can download TinyUmbrella from the link below to save both iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2b3 SHSH blobs regardless of what firmware you are currently on and I recommend doing so immediately just in case they are needed down the line...


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iOS 4.2 on iPhone 3G: Is the performance any better? [video]

How does the 2008 iPhone 3G work with the soon-to-debut iOS 4.2? When iOS 4 first came out back in June it was laggy and non-responsive and generally not a good experience for many iPhone 3G users. Apple promised a fix with iOS 4.1 in September but not everyone was thrilled with the results. Now it's November and iOS 4.2 should become available this week. So, we took a look at iPhone 3G running the iOS 4.2 GM seed, which is usually binary-identical to the final release and... the results were pretty good.

iPhone 3G's hardware isn't as fast and it's RAM is literally a quarter of iPhone 4's but it did a decent job typing, scrolling, pinching, and zooming its way around iOS 4.2.

Check out the video above to see it in action and if/when you've tried 4.2 on your iPhone 3G, let us know how it works for you.

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Cydia update on it's way! [Jailbreak]

iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd has announced on his twitter feed that Cydia creator Saurik and jailbreak dev Chpwn are hard at work on a Cydia update just in time for the release and jailbreak of iOS 4.2.

What changes are coming, if any, have not been specified but loading speed reduction and user reviews have long been rumored. What changes would you like to see? Let us know by leaving a comment or discussing it in our Jailbreak Forum!


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Jailbreak on iOS 4.2 will be untethered. Possible delay due to Cydia compatibility.

Comex has announced on his Twitter feed that iOS 4.2 will be an untethered jailbreak. While current devices can be exploited and jailbroken for their lifespan without the possibility of a patch, the ability of the jailbreak being untethered was still at issue.

An untethered jailbreak differs from a tethered jailbreak in that a tethered jailbreak must be connected with a computer after each and every reboot of the device. Comex has developed userland exploits for Star, Limera1n, and Greenpois0n, keeping them all untethered.

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redsn0w beta Jailbreak for iPhone3G, iPod touch 2 on iOS 4.1, 4.0

The Dev-Team have released a redsn0w beta Jailbreak for iPhone3G, iPod touch 2 on iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.0.

It uses the same pwnage2 DFU-mode exploit that we’ve been using since the 2.x days. It does not include the SHAtter exploit developed by pod2g. Nothing new is revealed to Apple with this jailbreak.

If you use the ultrasn0w unlock, they tell you to wait for pwnagetool as redsn0w requires you to update with Apple's firmware which might shut down the possibility for you to unlock "forever".

[Dev-Team Blog]

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No iOS 4.2 AirPrint for iPhone 3G

No iOS 4.2 AirPrint wireless printing for iPhone 3G owners, according to Apple:

Printing is available only on iOS devices that support multitasking.

Which iPhone 3G does not.

So add AirPrint to the list, along with wallpapers, fast app switching, HDR photos, and the rest, and how much further behind is the 2008 flagship falling?


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No HDR photography for iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS?

While we won't know for absolutely certain until the final release version of iOS 4.1 for iPhone arrives sometime this week (maybe Wednesday), it's looking like HDR photography will be exclusive to iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4, and not available for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users.

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