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iPhone 3GS Jailbreak Software Delayed by Dev Team

Sad day it is for all of you jailbreak fiends out there. The Dev Team has come out to let you all know not to expect a iPhone 3GS jailbreak solution any time soon. While they do have the software ready for prime time they are holding off on pulling the trigger to release it - for a few good reasons. The biggest reason being - Apple.


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Apple Launches Online iPhone 3GS Availability Tracker

Echoing previous years, Apple.com has once again posted an easy, online way for iPhone 3GS buyers to check and make sure their local Apple Retail Store has units on hand.

Both 16GB and 32GB, black- and white-backed models are shown, with nasty red squares connoting sell outs and happy green circles, supplies on hand.

So if you're heading out to get your hands on an iPhone 3GS this weekend, give it a try, and let us know how it works for you.

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Dev-Team - iPhone 3GS Jailbreak Possible via 24Kpwn, Unlock via ultrasn0w?

The illustrious iPhone Dev-Team says that the 24Kpwn techniques, originally developers as part of the iPod touch 2G jailbreak efforts, look like they just might work on the iPhone 3GS as well!

This is great news, but how did it happen? Why didn’t Apple fix this in their normal cat&mouse fashion? Well it seems this bootrom was cut in about the August 2008 timeframe, so the unintended early reveal of 24Kpwn earlier this year didn’t affect the iPhone 3GS

They're also confident that the recently released ultrasn0w unlock will work on the iPhone 3GS once they get the jailbreak up and running.

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Telus and Bell Going HSPA, Hungry for iPhone 3GS in Canada?

BGR served up a rumor that Telus in Canada was getting the iPhone 3GS in October. How will a CDMA carrier get the GSM iPhone? Simple, as mentioned last year, Telus has partnered with Bell to expand their CDMA network by adding in HSPA. That means Bell Mobility could support the iPhone 3GS as well, and the rumor's TiPb's hearing is they just might (though exact timing will of course depend on how fast they get HSPA up and running).

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Smartphone Experts Roundtable 5

Join Dieter, Matthew, Rene, and Kevin as they discuss all of the insanely great new smartphones that have been announced and released in the past month. On the docket:

(Update: links and player fixed.)

Show notes after the break.

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iPhone 3GS Power a Boon for Jailbreak Console Emulators

Zodttd (via Gizmodo) whets our appetites for iPhone 3GS jailbreaks to come:

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Why the iPhone 3GS Doesn't Cost Apple $179

iSupply gets a lots of headlines, like this one from Reuters, guestimating the raw component costs of popular gadgets like the iPhone 3GS. And good for them.

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Wednesday Fun Video: iPhone 3GS Shot Music Video!

Steve Ellington from the theautomaticfilmmaker.com let us know that he'd shot the above music video entirely on the new iPhone 3GS. While Ellington had fun filming the little robot, he was also "quite impressed with the camera."

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Tuesday Educational Video: iPhone 3GS Disassembled

DirectFix let us know they've posted the first video with step-by-step tear down and build back up directions for Apple's new iPhone 3GS. They also passed along that:

DirectFix.com already has replacement LCD screens and touch panels available on its website. We expect our first inquiries in the following days, as there are always some that almost immediately drop their new iPhones.

Here's hoping not though. Keep your new iPhones safe!

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