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App Analytics: Everything you need to know!

Developers can use the App Analytics tools in iTunes Connect to measure how people engage with their apps, how effective their marketing campaigns are, and more. Here's what you need to know about App Analytics.

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Developers can now track tvOS app data in App Analytics

Apple has announced that tvOS data is now available in iTunes Connect's App Analytics, allowing developers to track user engagement across their apps on the platform.

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Apple opens up new app analytics tools to all developers

Apple is notifying developers that the new App Analytics tools are now available for all developers through iTunes Connect. However, the tools remain in beta.

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Apple opens developer sign-ups for new App Analytics beta

Apple is now allowing developers to sign up for the beta for a new App Analytics service.

The new App Analytics service was first announced at WWDC 2014. Requests are made through iTunes Connect, where you can add your name to the list with just the push of a button.

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No on-device screenshot needed for Apple Watch app submissions

Looks like Apple corrected some confusing language on the submission-side of Apple Watch apps.

When iOS 8.2 first went live, Apple's developer upload portal, iTunes Connect, referenced a requirement for an on-device screenshot rather than simulator-only screenshots. That would mean you had to have Apple Watch hardware in-hand to get that specific screenshot and be able to upload to the App Watch App Store. As of Friday, however, it seems like the language has been corrected to reflect that simulator-only screenshots are fine for submission.

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iTunes Connect offline following login issues [Update: Back]

Update: iTunes Connect is now back online.

iTunes Connect, the portal Apple developers use to manage their apps, is currently offline. This follows several developers reporting login issues where they were presented with apps accounts not their own. That's obviously an incredibly serious problem, as evident by iTunes Connect being taken down.

Apple is no doubt aware of the issue and we suspect iTunes Connect will be back online when the login issues have been resolved.

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Apple reopens iTunes Connect to developers

Apple has today announced that iTunes Connect is once again available now that the holidays have come to an end. The portal helps developers manage their apps on the company's App Store and was unavailable between December 22 to December 29.

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iTunes Connect going offline for the holidays, unavailable from December 22 to December 29

Apple is informing developers that iTunes Connect — the portal through which they can manage their App Store apps — will be shutting down for the holidays and will be unavailable from December 22 to December 29. Developers looking to launch new apps or introduce price changes during this time will have to ensure that the changes are scheduled, submitted and approved by December 18.

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iTunes Connect going down for maintenance on November 16

Apple is informing developers that they will be taking the iTunes Connect developer portal down for maintenance on November 16. Developers will be unable to access iTunes Connect for around six hours beginning at 9am ET/6am PT. Content delivery will be unavailable during this window.

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TestFlight lets developers send up to 1,000 invites to beta test apps

Apple's TestFlight program now allows developers to send out emails via the iTunes Connect app to up to 1,000 beta testers. TestFlight allows developers to test their apps before releasing them to the App Store with up to 25 internal members of the team and 1,000 external testers through an email invite.

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