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Itunes Down

iTunes Store, App Store, Apple TV experiencing server problems, don't panic

Update: iTunes services appear to be coming back online, though it make take some time to restore services for everybody and all devices.

Original story follows.

The iTunes Store and App Store are currently down for some people in some parts of the world, taking with it a bunch of the iTunes ecosystem. You aren't going to be downloading any movies, music, or TV shows, you won't be streaming off iTunes Radio, and your Apple TV won't even let you watch any such items. Poof, they're gone. iMessage, FaceTime, and other Apple web services don't appear to be affected.

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It's not just you: 20% of iTunes users currently unable to make purchases

As of 9am PDT/12pm EDT today, 20% of users are currently unable to make purchases on the iTunes Store. That's according to a bunch of you who are yelling at us, and Apple's System Status page.

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iTunes Store experiencing problems, some people unable to download apps

We've been getting reports from some people, in some parts of the world, unable to get to the iTunes Store or to download apps. As of now, Apple System Status is reporting problems with the iTunes Store, but not yet the App Store. Since they're connected, it's safe to assume the problem is pretty general.

If you're having trouble accessing iTunes Store or downloading apps, let us know where you are, when your trouble started, and when it starts working again!

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iTunes Store currently down for 20% of users, are you one of them?

Apple's system status page is currently reporting a fairly big iTunes Store outage, with 20% of their customer base shown to be affected. Typically this means the iTunes Store itself, along with the App Store and iBookstore, are inaccessible for many, many people.

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iTunes Store or App Store giving you problems today?

We've gotten a ton of feeback this morning about the iTunes Store or App Store being down, inaccessible, or just plain ornery this morning. Some of us here at iMore can get to it fine, others can't get to it at all. Apple's System Status tools shows an issue over the last hour or so:

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iTunes and App Store down for many, can't get or update apps

We're getting flooded with reports of iTunes and the App Store being down in numerous regions. Browsing the stores still works, but downloading or trying to update apps does not.

It doesn't seem to be affecting everyone, and some who were affected for a while seem to have recovered, but others are still having the problem.

If you can't access iTunes or the App Store, or get your apps, you're not alone. Let us know, along with where you are. If you're fine, or if the problem has been fixed for you, let us know that as well.

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iTunes in the Cloud downloads currently experiencing errors, Apple's working on a fix

We've gotten a bunch of emails and some tweets from readers experiencing problems trying to download content from iTunes in the Cloud -- Apple's service that lets you access previously purchased movies, TV shows, music, iBooks, and apps on iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and iTunes on the desktop. According to Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web, Apple is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

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iTunes/App Store down?

Looks like Apple is having some trouble with the iTunes and App Stores today, as tons of you are telling us you're getting that nasty little "could not complete request" error message above. Whether or not it has anything to do with the the ginormous new Data Center, or the coming iCloud, we don't know and can't tell you, but we're keeping an eye on things and will update as we get more info.

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iTunes iPad activation servers having trouble?

Last night one of our readers, Kirk, let us know his company was having problems in iTunes activating a large quantity of original iPads. Didn't matter which version of iOS or how often they wiped or restored, iTunes wouldn't activate their iPads. A couple other readers let us know they were having similar problems.

I managed to wipe and restore both my original iPad and an iPod touch 4, but today Kirk and a lot of other folks were still having trouble.

Are you one of them? If you're iOS device won't activate, let us know which device, which version of iOS, and how long you've been having trouble.

And yes, feel free to mock Apple's dependence on iTunes tether to activate all you want.

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Updated: iTunes App Store down? Apple IDs disabled?

We've been getting reports from readers that the iTunes and/or App Store is currently down for some users. It's working for me but a quick check of Twitter shows it's definitely not an isolated problem.

Are you having problems downloading iTunes content and apps? Is iTunes even asking for your password? Let us know in comments!

Update 1: Looks like it's back up!

Update 2: But not for everyone! Grrrr! Some users are being told their Apple IDs have been disabled. They can change passwords, credit cards, etc. but can't download media or apps. Anyone

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